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Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is a mental condition when a person faces challenges in paying attention. In this disorder, a person may go through Shiny Object Syndrome – in this mental condition, people constantly believe that there is something better to pursue. “Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS) is a common challenge for individuals with ADHD, characterised by the tendency to chase new ideas or projects, often at the cost of not finishing existing ones,” wrote Therapist Andrea Evgeniou. The expert further added, “It’s important to recognize the strengths in your ADHD, such as creativity and the ability to think outside the box and use them to your advantage while managing the challenges.”

What is Shiny Object Syndrome? Signs to watch out for(Unsplash)

Here are a few signs of Shiny Object Syndrome we should know about:

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Hoping from trend to trend: The person with this Syndrome keeps believing that they need to stay by the trend. Hence, they keep hopping from one trend to another, without paying much attention to detail.

Attempting many tasks: Be it hobbies or activities or jobs, they keep attempting a lot of things, and end up leaving them incomplete for another thing.

Spending more money than needed: Their list of must-haves keeps changing with the trends. Hence, they spend a lot of money buying things that are popular.

Unhappy in relationships: They constantly believe that there are better people out there for them, and hence they end up being unhappy in whichever relationship they are in.

Starting new projects: They mostly leave tasks incomplete. They take up new projects without finishing the old ones.

Spending a lot of time online: They are constantly online as they fear that they will miss out on important and popular things if they do not keep track of them.

However, people with ADHD can use their strengths to turn things around. Using small tokens of appreciation and motivation for themselves and rotating between tasks to keep the attention in place are some of the ways that can help a person with ADHD and Shiny Object Syndrome to complete their tasks and then hop onto the next one.

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