Toddler dies after eating poison by mistake-

Image for representative purpose only | (Pic: EdexLive)

In a tragic incident in Uttar Pradesh’s Badaun district, a two-year-old Atif Ali died after consuming poison, as reported by IANS.

According to the report, the young boy, along with his brother Rahat Ali, aged four, and their neighbour Mannat, aged five, fell victim to poisoning after unknowingly eating a substance thrown away by a monkey. The incident occurred on Sunday, November 19, in Bagrain town of Wazirganj area while the children were playing on the road outside their house.

Guddu Ali, the father of the deceased Atif Ali and Rahat Ali, rushed both his sons to a private hospital in Bisauli as soon as their health deteriorated. Tragically, Atif Ali succumbed to the poisoning at the hospital, while Rahat Ali and Mannat showed signs of improvement after receiving medical attention.

Family members recounted that a monkey had thrown a packet of poison, which the children mistakenly consumed. The repercussions were swift, with the children experiencing a decline in health and exhibiting symptoms like foaming at the mouth.

According to the report, the police are suspecting that the packet contained a potent pesticide commonly used in crops and the children mistook it for ‘churan’. Kalpana Jaiswal, the Bisauli Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM), said that on receiving information about the accident, a police team has been sent to the spot. Police are investigating where the poison came from.

“We have also deployed our team in this, so that the truth can be known. Any action will be taken only after investigating the entire matter,” she added.


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