Ex-student sparks fear, uses air gun in Thrissur school-

Pic: EdexLive

In an alarming incident today,  Tuesday, November 21, a former student of a premier school in Thrissur, Kerala caused panic when he forcibly entered a classroom and fired into the air with an air gun, as reported by the news agency,  IANS. 

According to the report, no injuries were reported despite the incident and the chaos that ensued. 

The individual responsible for the act has been identified as Jagan, a former student of the school who is known for his involvement with drugs. He also came into the staff room and reportedly threatened staff members. The visuals of this scene were captured by the CCTV cameras installed in the school, states the reports by IANS. 

Following the incident at the staffroom, Jagan reportedly barged into a classroom and fired into the air with the air gun. However, soon, he was overpowered by the school staff and was subsequently handed over to the police. 

As per the report by IANS, the law enforcement authorities have initiated an investigation and are currently questioning Jagan to get to the bottom of the incident. 

Gun violence is a pressing societal issue with far-reaching consequences, impacting communities globally. While most gun violence incidents in schools have happened in the USA due to their relaxed gun laws, India has also witnessed such incidents with firearms in schools in the past. 


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