Federation Cup 2024, Javelin Final Highlights: Neeraj Chopra Beats DP Manu To Bag Gold Medal With Throw Of…

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Federation Cup 2024 Highlights: Reigning Olympic and world champion Neeraj Chopra bagged the gold medal in the finals of men’s javelin throw event at the Federation Cup 2024 on Wednesday. The star javelin thrower registered a best throw of 82.27m on his fourth attempt to claim the top honour. DP Manu, who remained at the pole position till round three with a best throw of 82.06m, failed to overtake Neeraj later in the competition. As per the reporters at the venue, Neeraj was seen involved in an animated chat with his coach on the sidelines. The star player marked his return in the Federation Cup after three years as he took the field at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubhaneshwar. During his last appearance at the event, Neeraj had pulled off a throw of 87.80m to win gold medal in 2021.

Highlights Of Federation Cup 2024 Javelin Throw Finals –

  • 20:36 (IST)

    Federation Cup 2024: Here are the medal winners –

    1.) Neeraj Chopra – 82.27m  – Gold

    2.) DP Manu – 82.06m – Silver

    3.) Uttam Patil – 78.39m – Bronze

  • 20:23 (IST)

    Federation Cup Live: Neeraj ends with best throw of 82.27m!

    Neeraj Chopra decided not to take any attempt in the remaining two throws. He started with 82m in his first attempt before making a deliberate foul after being unhappy with his performance in the second attempt. Neeraj then hit 81.29m before claiming the winning mark of 82.27m.

  • 20:09 (IST)

    Federation Cup Live: Gold for Neeraj Chopra!

    DP Manu fails to breach the 82.27-metre mark set by Neeraj Chopra in his final attempt and that means that Neeraj wins the gold medal. Manu sums up with a deliberate foul in his final throw. Here is how his throws look like – 82.06, 77.23m, 81.43m, 81.47m, 81.49, X.

  • 20:04 (IST)

    Federation Cup Live: End of Jena’s throws –

    Kishore Jena completes all his six throws and he remains out of the top three. Here is a quick look at all his throws – X, 75.49m, X, X, 73.79m, 75.25m.

  • 20:02 (IST)

    Federation Cup Live: Top 3 after fifth round –

    1.) Neeraj Chopra – 82.27m

    2.) DP Manu – 82.06m

    3.) Uttam Patil – 78.39m

  • 20:01 (IST)

    Federation Cup Live: Jena gets 73.79m

    Kishore Jena throws the javelin to a distance of 73.79m.

  • 19:54 (IST)

    Federation Cup Live: A look at top three –

    1.) Neeraj Chopra – 82.27m

    2.) DP Manu – 82.06m

    3.) Bibin Antony – 77.37m

  • 19:50 (IST)

    Federation Cup Live: Neeraj takes pole position!

    Neeraj Chopra is still not at his best but he has thrown the javelin at a distance of 82.27m to take the top spot. DP Manu throw 81.47m on his fourth attempt and this means that Neeraj will stay at the pole position at least for now.

  • 19:46 (IST)

    Federation Cup Live: Another foul from Kishore Jena

    Kishore Jena is another poor performer according to his standards. He started with a foul and then threw a distance of 75.49m before making two consecutive fouls. He recently made his Diamond League debut in Doha, but seems to be running out of gas tonight!

  • 19:43 (IST)

    Federation Cup Live: Neeraj has animated chat with coach

    Neeraj Chopra just had an animated chat with his coach on the sidelines, according to the reporters at the venue. He is definitely far from his best in the ongoing finals so far by getting a best distance of 82m. Remember, his personal best is 89.94m.

  • 19:34 (IST)

    Federation Cup Live: A look at top 2 after third round

    DP Manu – 82.06m

    Neeraj Chopra – 82.00m

  • 19:28 (IST)

    Federation Cup Live: Neeraj far from his best!

    This is not the Neeraj Chopra we know. He is not looking 100 per cent and a third throw from him too remains less than the best mark in the ongoing finals. Neeraj has thrown the javelin to a distance of 81.29m. So here is how his figures look after first three attempts – 82m, X, 81.29m.

  • 19:25 (IST)

    Federation Cup Live: Better from Manu

    81.43 is what DP Manu has got in his third attempt and there comes Neeraj after him. Let’s see how much he gets this time. Here we go…

  • 19:21 (IST)

    Federation Cup 2024 Live: Manu still in lead

    Not a good follow-up from DP Manu as he has got a distance of 77.23 in his second attempt. However, he still maintains the lead over Neeraj as the Olympic gold medallist had deliberately made a foul after not being happy with his second attempt.

  • 19:17 (IST)

    Federation Cup 2024 Live: Foul throw

    A foul throw from Neeraj Chopra that means he stays at the second spot, trailing DP Manu by a very fine margin of 0.06.

  • 19:15 (IST)

    Federation Cup 2024 Live: A look at top 3 throws so far –

    DP Manu – 82.06m

    Neeraj Chopra – 82.00m

    Uttam Patil – 75.55m

  • 19:10 (IST)

    Federation Cup 2024 Live: Event underway

    Neeraj Chopra got a distance of 82m in his first attempt, while DP Manu threw the javelin to a distance of 82.06m.

  • 18:34 (IST)

    Federation Cup 2024 Live: AFI on Neeraj’s return

    The AFI is quite looking forward to 26-year-old Chopra’s first home competitive outing in three years. “The AFI is not at all surprised at Neeraj taking part in the Federation Cup. His participation in domestic event is no doubt a very good thing for Indian athletics,” a top official of the AFI told PTI.

  • 18:34 (IST)

    Federation Cup 2024 Live: 9 players qualified directly for finals

    “All those who have crossed 75m will not compete in the qualifying round on Tuesday. There are nine of them from among those who had made entries, including Neeraj and Jena. They will directly compete in the final on Wednesday,” Indian athletics head coach Radhakrishnan Nair said, quoting the Athletics Federation of India’s qualification rules.

    “The remaining who have below 75m mark will compete in the qualifying round and the top three will join the nine above-75m throwers in the final.”

  • 18:16 (IST)

    Federation Cup 2024 Men’s Final LIVE: DP Manu also in focus

    DP Manu, who finished sixth in the 2023 World Championships and who is looking to qualify for the upcoming Paris Olympics by breaching the 85.50m mark, will also compete directly in the finals.

  • 18:00 (IST)

    Federation Cup 2024 Final LIVE: Jena also in competition

    Asian Games silver-winner Kishore Jena, whose Diamond League debut ended in disappointment as he was eliminated after three rounds with 76.31m being his best, is also among the 12 competing athletes in the final.

  • 17:47 (IST)

    Federation Cup 2024 Final LIVE Updates: Chopra in good form

    Olympic and world champion Neeraj Chopra is coming off a fairly good outing at the Doha Diamond League last week where he finished second with a throw of 88.38m. He will aim to continue that good form.

  • 17:32 (IST)

    Welcome guys!

    Hello everyone, welcome the live blog of Federation Cup 2024 javelin final. Star Indian javelin throwers Neeraj Chopra and Kishore Jena have been given direct entry into the finals in Bhubaneswar on May 15, having already bettered the minimum qualification mark of 75m multiple times in their careers.

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