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Sleep has a lot of impact on our health. A good sleep helps in recharging the body and making us have a positive outlook for the day ahead. However, bad and disturbed sleep can make us irritated, frustrated and feel unhealthy. Often due to a lot of reasons, we may not get complete and healthy sleep at night. In such cases, taking up small habits throughout the day and changing our lifestyle – one healthy habit at a time – can help us to transform our sleep quality. “By incorporating these simple habits into your daily routine, you can realign your circadian rhythm, balance melatonin and cortisol production, and reduce stress, ultimately leading to improved sleep and overall well-being,” wrote Nutritionist Marina Wright.

Tiny habits to transform your sleep quality in a few days(Unsplash)

Get morning sunlight: Exposing the body to morning sunlight can help us feel rejuvenated as well as synchronise our sleeping and waking up cycle with the natural day and night cycle. This can help us to fall asleep faster at night.

Adjust your exercise routine: We should avoid doing exercise closer to bedtime as it can affect our ability to relax. We should schedule a vigorous workout routine during daytime.

Wake up at the same time every day: When we start to constantly wake up at the same time on a daily basis, it helps our body to adjust to that routine and make it a habit.

Save caffeine for morning: We should maintain a healthy 8–10 hour gap between the last cup of coffee of the day and our bedtime. Caffeine disrupts sleep and we should not consume it close to bedtime.

Balanced meal for dinner: When we consume a balanced meal for dinner, it helps in keeping the blood sugar levels of the body stable and preventing spike in Cortisol levels. We should avoid consuming heavy meals before bedtime.

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