Heatwave alert in India: How to protect against extreme heat; preventive tips to follow | Health

With the summer setting in, heatwave alerts have already been issued for multiple areas of the country. Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), on their X profile, issued heatwave alerts for isolated pockets of Tamil Nadu, Interior Karnataka, Telangana, isolated pockets of Gangetic West Bengal, Jharkhand, Odisha, Coastal Andhra Pradesh, Yanam and Rayalaseema. Heatwaves are recognised when the maximum temperature of a place reaches 40-degree Celsius or more. This is when the weather poses a threat to human health. IMD, on their X profile already mentioned about the heatwave conditions in many parts of the country.

As the temperature soars higher, here are a few preventive tips to follow. (Bidesh Manna/HT Photo)

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As the temperature soars higher, here are a few preventive tips to follow.

How to protect against extreme heat?

Keep cool: It is important to avoid fitted clothes, and instead opt for cotton, loose clothes to allow for ventilation. We should use a fan or cooler throughout the day. We should also keep the skin wet or keep a damp cloth to keep the skin hydrated.

Stay hydrated: Throughout the day, we should keep on sipping water to keep ourselves hydrated. While working outside in extreme heat or during workouts and physical activity, we should keep drinking water before we feel thirsty.

Plan ahead: We need to plan the day ahead, in order to stay indoors during the hottest part of the day and go outside when it gets cooler.

Be prepared: We should be aware of how hot and humid it is going to get. We should keep an emergency kit at home, in case someone falls sick. Oral rehydration salt packets, water bottles, towels and thermometer should be kept at home.

Keep the home cool: With blackout curtains, fans and AC, we should keep the house cool so that we can feel comfortable inside the house. We should open the curtains at night to let the cool air come inside.

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