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When we start to initiate the process of healing for ourselves, we start to notice small changes in our behaviour patterns, perspectives, opinions and the way we perceive things. Healing has its own ways of responding which is healthier in nature. “Healing responses are real. The more we notice then the more hope we have,” wrote Psychologist Nicole LePera. The Psychologist further noted down a few healing responses that make small but impactful changes in our behavior patterns, our reactions and the way we see things. Healing responses are safe for us and make us feel better.

Healing responses that we might be going through(Unsplash)

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Ability to disappoint people: The more we heal, the more we realise that we cannot please everyone. The process of healing also comes with the ability to disappoint people. We start to see ourselves and our choices as priorities and learn to accept that not everyone will be happy with us.

Multiple realities: instead of fighting on our reality and stating it as the only correct one, we start to understand that people have their ways of seeing things and their own perspectives. Just because we cannot understand their reality does not mean that they are not right.

Normal can be dysfunctional: Normal is a stereotype set by society to make us believe that whatever has the majority is always correct. As we heal, we start to see the reality of things and understand that normal can also be dysfunctional and unhealthy.

Taking care of the body: We start to understand that our health is of utmost importance, and we should take care of the body and the mind, before anything else.

In a cocoon: We learn to enjoy our own company and spend more time with ourselves rather than wasting time doing things that we do not enjoy.

Crying more: instead of suppressing the difficult emotions, we learn to let them out. We cry more often, and we are vulnerable more often – this further makes us feel stronger.

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