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As we progress through life’s various stages, our bodies go through significant transformations and one crucial phase emerges as we reach our forties where this milestone isn’t just a number; it marks a pivotal moment where our well-being requires heightened attention and care. It is essential to prioritise regular health check-ups during this time, as neglecting one’s health can have profound and often irreversible effects on lifestyle.

Guarding your health after 40: Benefits of regular health screenings (File Photo)

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Rajesh Bendre, National Technical Head and Chief Pathologist at Apollo Diagnostics in Mumbai, shared, “Upon turning 40, individuals often experience physiological changes like shifts in metabolism, hormonal balance, and increased susceptibility to certain health conditions. These changes can develop silently, without obvious symptoms, underscoring the importance of early detection through routine screenings. Regular health check-ups offer the opportunity for timely identification of underlying health issues, enabling prompt intervention and management.”

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He revealed, “Post 40, one of the main reasons for regular health assessments is the heightened risk of developing chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular issues, and specific cancers. These ailments frequently remain unnoticed until advanced stages, posing significant threats to overall well-being. However, with consistent screenings and tests, many of these conditions can be caught early when treatment is most effective – potentially preventing complications and improving outcomes.”

Dr Rajesh Bendre explained, “Routine health evaluations allow healthcare providers to assess risk factors like family history, lifestyle habits, and environmental influences that may predispose individuals to certain health concerns. Armed with this knowledge, personalized preventive strategies can be devised – including lifestyle adjustments, dietary modifications, and targeted screenings – aimed at reducing risks and promoting holistic well-being. Beyond physical health benefits, regular check-ups also play a vital role in monitoring mental and emotional wellness. Mental health disorders such as anxiety or depression are sometimes overlooked in older adults but can have a significant impact on overall quality of life if left untreated.”

He elaborated, “Neglecting regular health check-ups after 40 can lead to far-reaching consequences affecting not only physical but also mental well-being. Undiagnosed or untreated conditions may diminish productivity levels and increase healthcare expenses while straining both individual resources and societal healthcare systems. Prioritising preventive care post 40 is key to safeguarding one’s vitality and lifestyle choices for the future. By embracing routine screenings early on individuals empower themselves to make informed decisions about their well-being – from adopting healthier habits like diet improvements or stress management techniques to quitting harmful practices like smoking.”

The health expert concluded, “The significance of regular post-40 health evaluations cannot be overstated; overlooking personal wellness during this critical period may have profound implications on lifestyle satisfaction. By committing to preventive care measures such as routine check-ups individuals take proactive steps towards preserving their vitality for years ahead. Investing in present-day wellness ensures a brighter tomorrow filled with enhanced longevity & fulfilment opportunities.”

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