Diwali 2023: How to get instant hydration with Hyaluronic acid-based products? | Health

Hyaluronic acid has emerged as the magic ingredient that skincare professionals and beauty fans swear by when seeking plump, bright and highly hydrated skin. It has become the go-to option for anyone looking to give their skin a rapid, revitalising boost because of its amazing capacity to seal in moisture and deliver fast hydration.

Diwali 2023 skincare tips: How to get instant hydration with Hyaluronic acid-based products? (Cup of Couple)

Ahead of Diwali 2023, if you are looking for methods for using hyaluronic acid-based skincare products to get rapid hydration, read on as we delve into the realm of skincare. Regardless of your experience level with this miracle ingredient, we got some experts on board to provide you with the skills and information to maximise the benefits of hyaluronic acid for a glowing, dewy face.

So bid farewell to parched and lifeless skin and welcome to a revitalised, youthful appearance that you can achieve in no time. Let’s dig in what dermatologists suggest their opinion on use if Hyaluronic acid.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Harshna Bijlani, Medical Head – The AgeLess Clinic in Mumbai, shared, “For those seeking a quick dose of hydration, hyaluronic acid can be a game-changer. Hyaluronic acid, a natural molecule found in our skin, has a remarkable ability to retain moisture. When applied topically in the form of serums, moisturizers, masks etc., hyaluronic acid works on the superficial layer of the skin that helps lock in moisture and leaves it hydrated, plump and refreshed.However, topical products do not work on the deeper layers of the skin to provide deep hydration and plumping from within. Hence, in-clinic treatments like Profhilo, Volite and hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are another exciting avenue to explore.”

She explained, “These techniques involve using ultra-pure hyaluronic acid-based injectables to improve skin quality, addressing issues like fine lines, elasticity, and hydration at a deeper level. When performed by trained professionals, it can provide longer-lasting results, making it a fantastic option for those looking to rejuvenate their skin. Whether it is through topical products or aesthetic in-clinic procedures, hyaluronic acid is your go-to ally for achieving instant and long-lasting hydration, helping your skin look and feel its best.”

Dr Lakshmi Sowjanya, Dermatologist from Hyderabad, encouraged the use of hyaluronic acid for instant glow and said, “To attain supple, plump and radiant skin, incorporate hyaluronic acid into your skincare routine. Begin with a mild face wash, gently cleansing your skin to prepare it for absorption. Next, apply a hyaluronic acid serum, akin to a refreshing drink for your skin. Gently pat it onto your face and neck, letting it soak in. Follow with a hydrating moisturiser that contains hyaluronic acid to lock in the moisture. If you desire extra pampering, indulge in a hyaluronic acid-infused sheet mask for 15-20 minutes, allowing your skin to revel in an extra surge of hydration.”

He advised, “In the evening, repeat the process: cleanse, apply the serum, and seal it with a moisturiser. This routine allows your skin to rejuvenate while you slumber. For a more advanced approach, you can consult a professional and explore bio remodeling that employs ultrapure hyaluronic acid to revitalise your skin, addressing concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, and laxity. It can be applied to various areas, from the face to the neck and décolletage. Always consider conducting a patch test with new products, as individual skin types vary.”

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