David Lloyd Membership Cost

Here Are the Latest and Updated David Lloyd Membership Cost 2023

Monthly Membership
Indv. Monthly£94.50
Indv. Monthly (Vantage)£117.00
Indv. Yearly£1,021.00
Indv. Yearly (Vantage)£1,264.00
Indv. Flexible£113.50
Indv. Flexible (Vantage)£140.50
Couple Monthtly£77.00
Couple Monthly (Vantage)£95.00
Couple Yearly£832.00
Couple Yearly (Vantage)£1,026.00
Couple Flexible£92.50
Couple Flexible (Vantage)£114.00
Indv. Corporate Monthly£85.00
Indv. Corporate Monthly (Vantage)£107.50
Indv. Corporate Yearly£918.00
Indv. Corporate Yearly (Vantage)£1,161.00
Indv. Corporate Flexibile£102.00
Indv. Corporate Flexible (Vantage)£129.00
Couple Corporate Monthly£85.00
Couple Corporate Monthly (Vantage)£85.00
Couple Corporate Yearly£107.50
Couple Corporate Yearly (Vantage)£794.00
Couple Corporate Flexibile£986.00
Couple Corporate Flexible (Vantage)£88.25
Indv. Off Peak Monthly£109.50
Indv. Off Peak Monthly (Vantage)£79.50
Indv. Off Peak Yearly£102.00
Indv. Off Peak Yearly (Vantage)£1,102.00
Indv. Off Peak Flexible£95.50
Indv. Off Peak Flexible (Vantage)£122.50
Seniors Membership
Indv. 65+ Montlhy£73.50
Indv. 65+ Monthly (Vantage)£96.00
Indv. 65+ Yearly£794.00
Indv. 65+ Yearly (Vantage)£1,037.00
Indv. 65+ Flexible£88.25
Indv. 65+ Flexible (Vantage)£115.25
Couple 65+ Monthly£59.95
Couple 65+ Monthly (Vantage)£78.00
Couple 65+ Yearly£648.00
Couple 65+ Yearly (Vantage)£843.00
Couple 65+ Flexibile£88.25
Couple 65+ Flexible (Vantage)£115.25
Health & Fitness Indv. Monthly£84.60
Health & Fitness Indv. Monthly (Vantage)£107.00
Health & Fitness Indv. Yearly£913.00
Health & Fitness Indv. Yearly (Vantage)£1,156.00
Health & Fitness Indv. Flexible£101.50
Health & Fitness Indv. Flexible (Vantage)£128.50
Health & Fitness Couple Monthly£66.50
Health & Fitness Couple Monthly (Vantage)£84.50
Health & Fitness Couple Yearly£719.00
Health & Fitness Couple Yearly (Vantage)£913.00
Health & Fitness Couple Flexibile£79.95
Health & Fitness Couple Flexible (Vantage)£101.50
Health & Fitness Indv. Corporate Monthly£76.00
Health & Fitness Indv. Corporate Monthly (Vantage)£98.50
Health & Fitness Indv. Corporate Yearly£821.00
Health & Fitness Indv. Corporate Yearly (Vantage)£1,064.00
Health & Fitness Indv. Corporate Flexible£91.25
Health & Fitness Indv. Corporate Flexible (Vantage)£118.25
Health & Fitness Couple Corporate Monthly£63.50
Health & Fitness Couple Corporate Monthly (Vantage)£81.25
Health & Fitness Couple Corporate Yearly£686.00
Health & Fitness Couple Corporate (Vantage)£878.00
Health & Fitness Couple Corporate Flexible£91.25
Health & Fitness Couple Corporate Flexible (Vantage)£97.50
Health & Fitness Indv. Off Peak Monthly£71.00
Health & Fitness Indv. Off Peak Monthly (Vantage)£93.50
Health & Fitness Indv. Off Peak Yearly£767.00
Health & Fitness Indv. Off Peak Yearly (Vantage)£1,010.00
Health & Fitness Indv. Off Peak Flexible£85.25
Health & Fitness Indv. Off Peak Flexible (Vantage)£112.25
Health & Fitness Couple Off Peak Monthy£57.50
Health & Fitness Couple Off Peak Monthly (Vantage)£75.50
Health & Fitness Couple Off Peak Yearly£621.00
Health & Fitness Couple Off Peak Yearly (Vantage)£816.00
Health & Fitness Couple Off Peak Flexible£69.00
Health & Fitness Couple Off Peak Flexible (Vantage)£90.50
Health & Fitness Individual 65+ Monthly£61.50
Health & Fitness Individual 65+ Monthly (Vantage)£84.00
Health & Fitness Individual 65+ Yearly£665.00
Health & Fitness Individual 65+ Yearly (Vantage)£908.00
Health & Fitness Individual 65+ Flexible£73.75
Health & Fitness Individual 65+ Flexible (Vantage)£100.75
Health & Fitness Individual Couple 65+ Monthly£51.95
Health & Fitness Individual Couple 65+ Monthly (Vantage)£70.00
Health & Fitness Individual Couple 65+ Yearly£561.00
Health & Fitness Individual Couple 65+ Yearly (Vantage)£756.00
Health & Fitness Individual Couple 65+ Flexible£62.25
Health & Fitness Individual Couple 65+ Flexible (Vantage)£84.00
Young Adult 18-22 yrs Monthly£55.95
Young Adult 18-22 yrs Yearly£605.00
Nanny Monthly£30.50
Nanny Yearly£330.00
Nanny Flexible£36.50
Children & Teens Membership
Child 3 Mths – 2 years Monthly£8.50
Child 3 Mths – 2 years Flexible£92.00
Child 3-4 Years Monthly£10.25
Child 3-4 Years Yearly£11.00
Child 3-4 Years Flexible£118.80
Child 5-13 Years Monthly£13.25
Child 5-13 Years Yearly£28.95
Child 5-13 Years Flexible£312.75
Child 14-18 Years Monthly£34.75
Child 14-18 Years Yearly£33.15
Child 14-18 Years Flexible£358.00
Junior 14-17 Years Monthly£39.80
Junior 14-17 Years Yearly£632.00
Junior 14-17 Years Flexible£70.25


Importance of Understanding David Lloyd Gym Membership Costs

With the myriad of choices available, selecting a gym can feel daunting. One factor that often plays a crucial role is cost. It’s not just about the financial investment; understanding the cost of a gym membership can help evaluate its true value. This understanding becomes crucial when considering memberships at premier gyms like David Lloyd. A comprehensive view of costs will allow you to assess whether the facilities, services, and membership perks align with your fitness aspirations and budget.

Overview of David Lloyd Gym as a Popular Option in the UK

David Lloyd Gyms, a prestigious chain of health clubs, have made a significant impact on the UK’s fitness scene. With more than 100 clubs nationwide, it’s a sought-after choice for individuals and families seeking to lead an active lifestyle. Offering a wide array of state-of-the-art facilities – from swimming pools and tennis courts to high-tech fitness equipment and luxurious spas – it’s more than just a gym. It’s a lifestyle destination, promoting well-being and community interaction.

How Much Does David Lloyd Cost?

Membership Costs Vary Based on Location and Type

When joining David Lloyd, it’s important to know that membership costs are not uniform. They vary depending on factors like geographic location, the specific club’s offerings, and the membership type chosen. For example, a David Lloyd club in London with a broad range of amenities may command a higher membership fee than a smaller club in a less populated area.

Highlight Platinum Membership as a Sought-after Option

Platinum membership stands out as a sought-after choice due to the exclusive privileges it offers. It typically includes unrestricted club access, free guest passes, advanced booking rights, and access to multiple David Lloyd Clubs. While it comes at a higher cost, it’s an attractive option for those seeking an elevated fitness experience.

Discuss Essential and Club Memberships as Alternatives

However, not everyone needs or wants the full spectrum of Platinum benefits. Essential and Club Memberships are more affordable alternatives that still provide access to many of David Lloyd’s facilities. Essential membership offers off-peak gym access and select classes, while Club membership provides access to the gym, swimming pool, and a range of classes during standard opening hours.

What is the Joining Fee at David Lloyd?

Generally, No Joining Fee, but Promotions May Require a Cost

David Lloyd clubs typically operate without a joining fee, which can be a significant advantage for newcomers. However, sometimes during promotional periods or for certain premium membership plans, a one-time joining fee might be necessary. This fee helps cover the administrative cost of setting up a new membership and could potentially include an induction or initial personal training session.

Additional Charges for Amenities or Services

While your basic membership fee covers access to the gym, certain services or amenities may come with extra costs. For instance, personal training sessions, health and beauty treatments, tennis coaching, food and beverage purchases, and certain special classes are often available for an additional charge. It’s recommended to consider these potential extra costs while budgeting for your gym membership.

Importance of Reviewing Membership Agreement for Clarity

Before signing on the dotted line, it’s crucial to scrutinize your membership agreement. This document spells out all the details regarding your membership, including fees, usage rights, cancellation policy, and more. If you’re unsure about any aspect of the agreement, it’s best to ask the gym staff for clarification to avoid surprises down the line.

What are the Different Levels of Access and Benefits Provided by David Lloyd Memberships?

Introduction to Diamond, Platinum, and Club Memberships

David Lloyd offers a range of membership options tailored to cater to various needs and budgets. These include Diamond, Platinum, and Club memberships, each providing a different level of access and benefits.

The Diamond membership, being the most premium, allows unrestricted access to all David Lloyd Clubs across the UK and Europe, free guest passes, priority booking, and many other exclusive perks.

Description of Benefits and Features for Each Membership Level

Platinum membership is a step down but still offers comprehensive benefits including access to multiple clubs, free guest passes, and advanced booking rights.

Club membership, on the other hand, provides full access to your home club’s facilities and a range of classes, making it a great choice for those who prefer to stick to one location.

Availability of Child Memberships and Family Options

David Lloyd takes a family-friendly approach, offering child and family membership options. These are designed to enable younger members to enjoy a variety of sports and activities, and to promote a healthier lifestyle for the whole family. Family memberships offer the convenience of collective access, often at a discounted rate compared to individual memberships.

Are There Any Additional Fees or Hidden Costs?

Membership Costs Vary Based on Location and Type

Membership costs at David Lloyd are not one-size-fits-all; they vary according to multiple factors. A club in central London, for example, surrounded by a high-cost living environment and offering more luxurious amenities, may have higher membership fees compared to one in a less populated suburb. It’s crucial to connect with a representative from your chosen club to get an accurate understanding of the costs you can expect.

Mention of Potential Additional Fees or Charges

Beyond the monthly membership fee, there could be additional charges for supplementary services. These may include fees for personal training sessions, specialist fitness classes, spa treatments, and use of other exclusive amenities. Certain clubs might also charge for car parking or locker rentals. These costs might not be immediately apparent when signing up, so it’s worth asking a staff member to clarify all potential charges to prevent unexpected expenses.

Reminder to Review Membership Agreement and Seek Clarification

As with any contractual agreement, you must carefully review your membership contract. This is a legally binding document that outlines everything included in your membership, as well as the club’s policies. If you’re unsure of any terms or fees mentioned in the contract, it’s always best to ask the club staff or seek legal advice.

What is the Minimum Age to Join David Lloyd?

Minimum Age Requirement Varies by Location

David Lloyd promotes fitness for all ages. However, the minimum age to hold a membership may vary between locations and the local regulations they follow. Generally, most David Lloyd clubs require members to be at least 16 years old to join independently.

Possibility of Specific Memberships for Younger Children

For younger fitness enthusiasts, David Lloyd offers junior memberships, allowing children to take part in various sports, classes, and activities. The minimum age for junior membership typically starts from 3 months old for swimming classes and extends to older children with a wider range of activities available.

Need for Adult or Parental Consent for Those Under 18

For those under 18, parental consent is necessary to secure a membership. Some clubs may also require an adult member to accompany minors during their visits, depending on the child’s age and the club’s specific policies.

How Do I Cancel My David Lloyd Membership?

Steps to Cancel Membership: Contacting the Club, Providing Membership Information

Cancelling a David Lloyd membership requires several steps, starting with contacting your home club directly. You will need to provide your membership information and express your desire to cancel. It’s typically recommended to do this in writing for your records and to ensure clear communication.

Noting Cancellation Notice Period and Written Notice Requirement

Most David Lloyd memberships come with a notice period for cancellations, which means you will need to continue paying for a specified period (commonly one or two months) after your cancellation request. The exact notice period will be outlined in your membership agreement. The cancellation also often requires written notice, which can be sent via mail or email depending on your club’s policies.

Returning Club Property and Obtaining Confirmation of Cancellation

If you possess any club property, such as locker keys or equipment, you will need to return these upon cancellation. It is also vital to obtain confirmation of your cancellation from the club. This usually comes in the form of a written acknowledgement, providing proof that you have completed all necessary steps to terminate your membership.

Does David Lloyd Offer Any Corporate Memberships?

David Lloyd Offers Corporate Memberships to Businesses

Yes, David Lloyd offers corporate memberships designed for businesses looking to encourage health and fitness among their employees. These memberships often come with a range of benefits such as discounts on standard membership fees, no joining fee, and access to all David Lloyd clubs.

Benefits for Employees and Employers

Corporate memberships not only give employees access to a premium fitness experience, but they can also boost overall morale, improve productivity, and reduce work-related stress. For employers, offering gym memberships as part of a benefits package can improve employee satisfaction and retention rates, while promoting a healthy, active lifestyle within the organization.

Access to Facilities and Classes at a Discount

With a corporate membership, employees typically get access to the full range of facilities and classes at David Lloyd Clubs. This includes gyms, swimming pools, fitness classes, racquet sports, and spa facilities, depending on the specific club’s offerings. However, the precise benefits can vary, so it’s important to discuss this with a David Lloyd representative.

Can I Use Other David Lloyd Clubs with My Membership?

Members Can Join and Use Other David Lloyd Clubs

One of the significant benefits of a David Lloyd membership, especially for Platinum and Diamond members, is the Multi-Club Access. This allows members to use facilities across all David Lloyd clubs in the UK and Europe, granting them the flexibility to maintain their fitness regime even while travelling.

Network of Over 100 Clubs Across Europe

With over 100 clubs across Europe, David Lloyd provides an extensive network for members to take advantage of. This means you can enjoy a workout, swim, or tennis match at your leisure, no matter where you are in the region.

Suggestion to Check Specific Club Facilities and Services Before Visiting

However, it’s worth noting that not all clubs offer identical facilities or services. Therefore, before visiting a different club, it’s advisable to check their specific facilities, services, and opening hours to ensure they meet your needs.

Does David Lloyd Offer Any Family Memberships?

David Lloyd Offers Family Memberships for Joint Use of Facilities

Yes, David Lloyd offers family memberships, allowing families to enjoy their excellent facilities together. This type of membership provides a cost-effective way for all family members to engage in physical activity and spend quality time together. Family memberships usually grant access to gyms, swimming pools, fitness classes, and tennis courts, with activities suitable for all ages.

Membership Options for Couples and Families with Children

Family memberships typically accommodate two adults and up to two children, with options to add additional children for a fee. Moreover, David Lloyd’s commitment to fostering family fitness is exemplified by their dedicated kids’ clubs, swimming lessons, tennis coaching, and an array of other children’s activities.

Range of Activities and Amenities for Families

David Lloyd’s family-friendly amenities range from dedicated family swimming pool times to fun events and competitions, catering to a broad spectrum of interests. Their clubs often feature family lounges and eating areas, making it more than just a gym – it’s a place where the whole family can unwind, be active, and socialise.

Can I Freeze or Suspend My Membership?

Ability to Freeze or Suspend Membership for up to Six Consecutive Months

David Lloyd understands that life can throw curveballs, and there may be periods where you can’t fully utilize your gym membership. As a result, they allow members to freeze or suspend their memberships for up to six consecutive months. This provides flexibility to members experiencing temporary changes such as an illness, injury, pregnancy, extended vacation, or other personal circumstances.

Restrictions and Process for Freezing Membership

However, bear in mind that the ability to freeze memberships is usually subject to certain conditions and may not be available for all membership types. The exact terms, including any charges for freezing your membership, will be outlined in your membership agreement. Generally, the freeze request needs to be submitted in writing to the club, mentioning the freeze duration and start date.

Importance of Contacting the Club or Using Member Account for Freezing Requests

For all membership changes, including freezing your membership, it’s recommended to contact the club directly or use your online member account. This way, you can ensure the request is processed correctly and receive confirmation.

What are David Lloyd Membership Options?

Overview of Membership Options

David Lloyd offers a variety of membership options to cater to individual needs and lifestyle preferences. These include Standard, Platinum, Off-Peak, Student, Junior, and Family memberships. Each has its unique features and benefits:

  • Standard Membership grants access to your home club, including its facilities and most classes, during all open hours.
  • Platinum Membership offers access to multiple David Lloyd clubs, granting greater flexibility.
  • Off-Peak Membership is designed for those who prefer to exercise outside peak hours, providing a cost-saving option.
  • Student Membership offers discounted access for those currently in education.
  • Junior Membership promotes physical activity for children, with access to suitable facilities and classes.
  • Family Membership is a bundled package allowing families to enjoy the facilities together, often at a discounted rate.
Options May Vary Based on Location and Club

Do note that the membership options available can vary based on the specific David Lloyd club. Some clubs may offer additional options, like Corporate or Couple memberships.

Recommendation to Inquire with Local Club or Visit David Lloyd Website for More Details

To obtain accurate, up-to-date information about membership options, it’s recommended to inquire directly with your local club or visit the David Lloyd website. This ensures you have all the necessary details to make an informed decision.

What are the Benefits of David Lloyd Membership?

Highlighting the Benefits of a David Lloyd Membership

A membership at David Lloyd opens the door to a host of benefits. Beyond access to top-notch fitness equipment, members enjoy a range of facilities including swimming pools, tennis courts, and spa areas. Add to this a calendar filled with fitness classes catering to all abilities, from yoga and Pilates to high-intensity workouts and spinning classes.

Range of Facilities and Activities Available

Members can take advantage of sports facilities such as squash and badminton courts. For relaxation and recuperation, spa facilities often include saunas, steam rooms, and whirlpools. The clubs also feature comfortable lounges and quality food and beverage options.

Family-focused clubs may provide additional services such as children’s swimming lessons, tennis coaching, holiday activities, and dedicated areas for children to play and learn.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere and Social Events

David Lloyd clubs foster a welcoming and inclusive community atmosphere. Many clubs host regular social events, bringing together members to create a sense of belonging and camaraderie. For families, the club often becomes a hub of activities, enhancing social interaction and contributing to a healthy lifestyle.

What is the Cancellation Policy at David Lloyd Gym?

Explanation of Cancellation Policy, Including Notice Period and Termination Costs

David Lloyd’s cancellation policy requires members to provide notice, usually one to three months, before ending their membership. This means you must pay for this notice period even if you’re not using the club. Depending on your membership type and how long you’ve been a member, a cancellation fee may also apply.

Need to Follow the Membership Agreement for Cancellation Requirements

The specific cancellation requirements are set out in the membership agreement. Therefore, it’s crucial to read and understand this document before signing. It details the necessary steps to terminate your membership, including how to submit your cancellation, the notice period, and any associated costs.

Mention of Potential Refunds for Certain Circumstances

In some circumstances, you might be entitled to a refund when cancelling. This generally applies if you’ve paid upfront for your membership and cancel part-way through the period. The terms for refunds will be outlined in your membership agreement.

What are the Payment Options Available at David Lloyd Gym?

Overview of Payment Options, Including Annual or Monthly Payment

David Lloyd offers flexible payment options to accommodate different financial situations. Typically, you can choose between monthly direct debit payments or a single annual payment. The monthly payment option allows you to spread the cost of membership throughout the year, making it a budget-friendly choice for many. Conversely, the annual payment option could offer a discount compared to paying monthly.

Different Membership Levels and Benefits

Each membership level comes with different costs and benefits. Standard, Platinum, Off-Peak, Student, Junior, and Family memberships all have unique pricing structures. For instance, Off-Peak memberships are cheaper but restrict access during peak times. Platinum memberships are more expensive but provide access to multiple clubs.

Importance of Choosing the Option that Suits Budget and Needs

It’s crucial to choose a membership level and payment option that suits your budget and fitness goals. Ensure you understand what is included in your membership and any additional costs that may apply, like for certain classes or facilities.

Are There Any Discounts or Promotions Available?

Mention of Possible Discounts and Promotions for New Memberships

David Lloyd often runs promotional campaigns providing discounts for new members. These can include reduced joining fees, discounted monthly rates, or additional benefits like free personal training sessions or guest passes.

Need to Check with Local Club or Website for Current Offers

These promotions vary by club and time of year. It’s essential to check the David Lloyd website or contact your local club directly to find out about any current offers.

Reminder to Review Terms and Conditions Before Signing Up

While these promotions can be enticing, make sure you review the terms and conditions carefully before signing up. Understand the commitment required and what happens when the promotional period ends.

Does David Lloyd Offer Any Free Trials or Guest Passes?

Confirmation of Availability of Free Trials or Guest Passes

Yes, David Lloyd often offers free trials or guest passes. These are a fantastic way to experience the facilities and services before committing to a membership. It provides a hands-on experience of the club’s atmosphere, staff responsiveness, equipment quality, class schedule, and other members.

Suggestion to Inquire with Local Club for Specific Details

Free trial duration and guest pass availability can vary between clubs and may be part of limited-time promotions. It’s advisable to check with your local David Lloyd club for the most accurate, up-to-date information.

Highlighting the Opportunity to Experience Facilities before Joining

Taking advantage of a free trial or guest pass can give you valuable insights into whether the club aligns with your lifestyle and fitness goals. From the convenience of its location and operating hours to the specific amenities and classes available, you can ensure that David Lloyd is the right fit for you.

Does David Lloyd Offer Any Fitness Classes?

Confirmation of the Range of Fitness Classes Offered

Absolutely! David Lloyd offers a diverse range of fitness classes as part of their memberships. These cater to different fitness levels, interests, and goals, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your workout routine.

Mention of Traditional and Contemporary Classes

Traditional classes like yoga, Pilates, Zumba, and spin are available, but David Lloyd also prides itself on offering the latest trends in fitness. You can find classes in high-intensity interval training (HIIT), aqua aerobics, functional training, Les Mills workouts, and more.

Advice to Check Local Club for Class Schedules

The specific classes and their schedules can vary between clubs, so it’s recommended to check the timetable at your local club. Some classes may also require pre-booking due to their popularity.

Pros and Cons of David Lloyd Membership

List of Pros and Cons, Including Range of Facilities and Potential Drawbacks

Like any gym membership, joining David Lloyd comes with its advantages and potential drawbacks:


  1. Comprehensive facilities: Most David Lloyd clubs offer an extensive range of facilities, from high-quality gym equipment and varied fitness classes to tennis courts, swimming pools, and relaxation areas.
  2. Family-friendly: Many clubs cater to families, with junior memberships, kids’ classes, and childcare facilities.
  3. Flexible membership options: Various types of memberships are available, allowing you to choose one that best fits your needs and budget.


  1. Cost: David Lloyd is considered a premium club, and its membership fees reflect this. It can be more expensive compared to other local gyms.
  2. Busy peak times: Like most gyms, David Lloyd can get crowded during peak hours, which might limit access to certain equipment or facilities.
  3. Variable offerings: The range of facilities and classes can vary from club to club, so you may not find the same options at every location.
Encouragement to Consider Personal Preferences and Needs

Remember, the best gym for you depends on your personal needs, preferences, and goals. What one person might see as a drawback, another might see as an advantage. It’s crucial to tour the club, ask questions, and consider your requirements before making a decision.

Mention of the Need to Contact Local Club for Specific Details

For the most accurate information regarding the facilities, offerings, and costs, contact your local David Lloyd club or visit their website. Each club might have slightly different offerings based on location, size, and member demand.


Recap of Key Points Discussed in the Article

In this article, we dove deep into understanding David Lloyd gym memberships. We discussed the varied costs, membership options, benefits, and potential drawbacks. Importantly, we stressed that each club may offer slightly different facilities, classes, and membership terms, and it’s important to inquire directly with your local club for the most accurate information.

Reminder to Contact Local David Lloyd Club for Accurate Pricing and Details

While this article aims to provide a comprehensive overview, the best way to make an informed decision about joining David Lloyd is to contact your local club. This allows you to ask specific questions, obtain accurate pricing, and even tour the facilities.

Encouragement to Enjoy the Benefits of a David Lloyd Membership

If you decide to join David Lloyd, we hope you take full advantage of your membership and its benefits. Enjoy the workouts, classes, facilities, and the sense of community. Here’s to a healthier, happier you!

If you need more information check their official website here

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the monthly membership cost for an individual at David Lloyd?

The standard individual monthly membership is £94.50.
For the Vantage option, the fee is £117.00.

What if I want a yearly membership?

The standard individual yearly membership is £1,021.00.
For the Vantage option, the yearly fee is £1,264.00.

Are there flexible membership options available?

Yes, there are. The individual flexible membership costs £113.50, and the Vantage option is £140.50.

How much does a couple’s membership cost?

The couple’s monthly membership is £77.00, and the Vantage option is £95.00.
Yearly, it’s £832.00 for the standard and £1,026.00 for the Vantage.
The flexible option is £92.50 standard, £114.00 for Vantage.

What about corporate memberships?

The Individual Corporate Monthly membership is £85.00, with the Vantage option at £107.50.
The Individual Corporate Yearly is £918.00, with Vantage at £1,161.00.
The Individual Corporate Flexible is £102.00, with Vantage at £129.00.

What are the costs for senior memberships?

For individuals aged 65 and over, monthly memberships are £73.50 and Vantage at £96.00.
Yearly memberships are £794.00, and Vantage is £1,037.00.
The flexible membership options are £88.25 and Vantage at £115.25.

Do you have memberships tailored to health and fitness?

Yes, we do. The Health & Fitness Individual Monthly membership costs £84.60, and the Vantage option is £107.00.
The Health & Fitness Individual Yearly is £913.00, and Vantage is £1,156.00.
The Health & Fitness Individual Flexible is £101.50, and Vantage is £128.50.

What are the options for young adults?

For young adults between 18-22 years, the monthly cost is £55.95, and the yearly cost is £605.00.

Are there any options for nannies?

Yes, the monthly membership for a nanny is £30.50, yearly is £330.00, and the flexible option is £36.50.

What about children and teens?

For children aged 3 months to 2 years, the monthly membership is £8.50, and the flexible option is £92.00.
For children aged 3-4 years, the monthly membership is £10.25, yearly is £11.00, and flexible is £118.80.
For children aged 5-13 years, the monthly membership is £13.25, yearly is £28.95, and flexible is £312.75.
For children aged 14-18 years, the monthly membership is £34.75, yearly is £33.15, and flexible is £358.00.
For junior aged 14-17 years, the monthly membership is £39.80, yearly is £632.00, and flexible is £70.25.SearchSearch

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