Busting myths about self-awareness: Therapist shares truth bombs that we should know about | Health

Self-awareness is a mandatory process that we should go through in order to understand ourselves, know ourselves and become more aware of our emotions and traumas. This is a constant process of learning and unlearning. “Self-awareness is often idealised, but there are several myths surrounding it. Recognising and debunking these myths can help you approach self-awareness with a more realistic and constructive mindset. This post is a reminder to you that self-awareness is your own journey, and it doesn’t need to look like anyone else’s,” wrote Therapist Israa Nasir.

Self-awareness is a constant process of learning and unlearning about ourselves.(Unsplash)

Debunking a few myths related to self-awareness

Myth: Self-awareness means knowing everything about ourselves.

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Truth: Noone can know everything about themselves all at once. Self-awareness is a process of learning about ourselves and seeking answers to questions that we are unsure about.

Myth: Self-awareness leads to perfection.

Truth: It refers to the process of understanding and knowing ourselves. The definition of perfection varies with each person. However, self-awareness leads to understanding our weaknesses, imperfections and areas where we need to work on.

Myth: Self-awareness is solely about introspection.

Truth: We should seek feedback from others and be open to criticism. Self-awareness is a lot of introspection, but it also demands that we take the opinion of people who surround us.

Myth: Self-awareness is a solo journey.

Truth: Social interactions and external feedback influence the journey of self-awareness. This helps us to become more aware of our own actions and the influence that we have on others. Exposure to the perspectives of others can also open our minds to better possibilities.

Myth: Self-awareness solves all problems.

Truth: It helps in personal growth and is a way of looking at broader possibilities of development. However, self-awareness does not guarantee that our problems will be solved. It can help us to look at the problems from a fresh point of view.

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