5 reasons why you should include a sheet mask in your daily glow regime

Gharelu nuskhe using kitchen ingredients are a great way to achieve glowing and radiant skin. But that takes time and patience, which not many people have today thanks to their hectic lifestyles. Well, we are here to convince you to add a sheet mask to your daily routine if you want an instant glow in the middle of a busy day. Here are five reasons why these tiny sheets full of serum are worth your investment.

Bollywood actors using sheet masks for an instant glow

Instantly hydrates and brightens

You put on a sheet mask and within minutes you achieve a healthy glow. All you need to do is massage the serum that is left over on your face, after you remove the mask, and you are good to go

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Alia Bhatt enjoying me-time with a sheet mask on
Alia Bhatt enjoying me-time with a sheet mask on

Fast and convenient

As we mentioned before, it takes very little time to get, set and glow with a sheet mask. It is also quite convenient and mess-free as you don’t need mixing bowls or brushes. Just rip open the packet, spread the mask on your face and take a 15-minute power nap

Unclogs pores

Sun damage, pollution and too many products on the skin can often cause the pores to get clogged. Sheet masks are quick but effective and pain-free when it comes to unclogging these pores by pulling out all the impurities in a jiffy

Sara Ali Khan using a sheet mask to get, set and glow
Sara Ali Khan using a sheet mask to get, set and glow

Compact and easy to carry

A sheet mask comes in slim packaging, which makes it easy to carry around. This is a benefit, but we would suggest using it when you’re home so you get to lie down and close your eyes for a while, achieving a spa-like treatment

Easy on the pocket

The biggest reason why a sheet mask is worth your time and money is that it is easy on the pocket. Well, most are. You don’t need to burn a hole in your wallet for skin care anymore!

What are you waiting for? Go grab a sheet mask now!

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