The gene that makes them male is ending, if this happens then only women will be saved. Human Y Chromosome Lacking; Will Men Become Extinct From World | All You Need To Know

Hindi News happy life Human Y Chromosome Lacking; Will Men Become Extinct From World | All You Need To Know Tokyo29 minutes ago copy link The sex of humans and other mammals depends on the Y chromosome. The sex of an individual is male only on its presence. But according to research published in the … Read more

Men are more at risk than women, 3 thousand deaths every day in the country. China Smoking Culture Health Risk; Chinese Smokers At Higher Risk Diseases

Beijing8 minutes ago copy link 40% of the world’s smokers live in China. According to a recent research published in the Lancet Journal, they have a higher risk of 56 diseases than non-smokers. This includes many types of cancer to diseases of the heart, brain, liver and eyes. Smoking addiction before the age of 20 … Read more

Parents asking for unvaccinated blood, doctors refused; The matter reached the court. New Zealand 4-Month Baby Surgery Controversy | NZ News

auckland24 minutes ago copy link The public prosecutor told that the health of the child is deteriorating with every heartbeat. New Zealand’s Health Agency has filed an appeal to the court for custody of a child. Actually, the child needs surgery as soon as possible due to heart related problems. In this he will have … Read more

In just 10 months, the brain age of teenagers increased by 3 years, mental health deteriorated. Coronavirus Side Effects; COVID Lockdown Impacts On Teenagers Brain (Mental Health)

Hindi news happy life Coronavirus Side Effects; COVID Lockdown Impacts On Teenagers Brain (Mental Health) washington33 minutes ago copy link Corona has been wreaking havoc for almost three years. The mind of teenagers has been affected by the lockdown and mental stress during this period. According to a recent study published in the journal Biological … Read more

America gave China the project to make virus, there was a lapse in security. Coronavirus Leaked From Wuhan Lab In China | Coronavirus Outbreak

washington37 minutes ago copy link About three years ago, the corona virus spread from Wuhan, China was made in the lab. This claim has recently been made by American scientist Andrew Huff in his book ‘The Truth About Wuhan’. He says that the US government was funding the project to make the corona virus in … Read more

Picky eaters are the life of the party, consider themselves attractive. Spicy Food Taste And Personality Connection – (Tikha Khane Wale Log Kaise Hote Hain)

Hindi news happy life Spicy Food Taste And Personality Connection New York17 minutes ago copy link The life of people who eat more spicy and spicy food is also spicy. This claim has been made in a recent survey conducted on 2 thousand American people. Its results say that there is a deep relationship between … Read more

Negative effects on the developing brain, risk of serious mental problems Climate Change Vs Children-Brain Development; Threatens New-born Babies

44 minutes ago copy link Author: Frederica Pereira The data that is coming out about health hazards due to climate change is worrying. We may continue to ignore it out of fear of this huge problem, but if we do not change our lifestyle, then it can have a very bad effect on the coming … Read more

10,000 people committed suicide in 1 year, from March 2023 mentally ill people will also be allowed to commit suicide. Canada Euthanasia Death | Right To Die Euthanasia And The Law In Canada

Ottawa8 hours ago copy link Allowing euthanasia in Canada is becoming a problem. Here last year i.e. in 2021 itself, more than 10 thousand people gave their lives through euthanasia. This is more than 3% of the total deaths in Canada throughout the year. Now after 4 months in March 2023, mentally ill people will … Read more

By 2040, 112 million people in the world may be affected. By 2040, 112 million people in the world may be affected by glaucoma.

19 minutes ago copy link Not getting enough sleep at night, sleeping during the day and snoring have a bad effect on the eyes. Having this problem for a long time increases the risk of developing glaucoma. Due to not getting timely treatment, the risk of blindness also increases. Glaucoma can happen to anyoneAfter loss … Read more