UGC’s NEP Saarthi from Anant National University shares his experience-

The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 is all set to transform education in India. In order to make students aware of the reforms in the higher education system and enhance their involvement, the University Grants Commission launched NEP Saarthi. 

NEP Saarthi are students who work as ambassadors of NEP 2020 and create awareness about it. Pratham Singh Rawat, student of BTech in Climate Change at Anant National University. We try and understand more about what it means to be an NEP Saarthi through our conversation with him. Excerpts:

Vision and Mission of UGC for launching NEP Saarthi
The vision of the UGC in launching NEP Saarthi is to actively involve students in the implementation of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. It aims to create an environment for students to contribute to the transformation of the higher education system in India.

The mission is to empower students to become ambassadors of change, promoting awareness, disseminating information, and collecting feedback on NEP 2020 initiatives. By fostering student participation, UGC envisions a holistic approach to reforming education, ensuring quality, equity, and accessibility.

My role as NEP Saarthi
As a NEP Saarthi, my role would involve being an ambassador for promoting NEP 2020 initiatives at AnantU. I will be responsible for creating awareness, disseminating information, and collecting feedback from students to enhance the implementation of the policy. My duties include organising awareness drives, establishing dialogue among students, faculty, and staff, and utilizing social media to promote NEP 2020.

Additionally, I will be tasked with guiding students and helping them understand how they can benefit from the various initiatives under the policy.

How is my role as NEP Saarthi going to impact Anant University and students?
My role as a NEP Saarthi will have a significant impact on AnantU and its students. By promoting awareness and understanding of NEP 2020, I will contribute to the overall improvement of the education system at Anant University.

My efforts in organising events, debates, and discussions will foster a culture of engagement and critical thinking among students. By providing guidance and support, I will empower students to make informed decisions about their education and future careers, thus positively influencing their academic and personal growth.

Will being NEP Saarthi impact my future choices and how?
Being a NEP Saarthi will likely impact my future choices positively. My involvement in this initiative will provide me with valuable experience in leadership, communication, and organisational skills, which can enhance my professional development.

Through active participation, I will build a network of contacts within the education sector, potentially opening up future opportunities for collaboration and career advancement. Moreover, my contribution to the education system will instill a sense of social responsibility, encouraging me to continue advocating for positive change in education or other areas of societal development.

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