President elects speak up; varsity comments-

Via a press release dated November 22, information regarding which first appeared in Telangana Today and was shared with EdexLive today, November 25, it was learnt that The English Foreign Language University Teachers’ Association (EFLUTA) elections were held and the new President is Prof ME Veda Sharan.

The other office bearers are: 
Vice-President: Prof Shyamrao Rathode
General Secretary: Dr K Venu Madhavi
Joint Secretary: Dr Suchitra Patnaik
Treasurer: BM Vamshi Krishna
EC Member 1: Prof C Sharada
EC Member 2: Dr R Vijaya Latha
EC Member 3: Dr Manish Kumar Gaurav
EC Member 4: Dr Rosy Yumnam

“The elected body will continue in the office for a period of two years. Many faculty members congratulated the newly elected members,” the press release stated.

In another press release dated November 23, it was stated that EFLUTA’s new President-Elect is Dr Srinivas Lankala from the Department of Communication. 

The other office bearers are: 
Vice-President: Dr Utpal Lahiri
General Secretary: Dr Sherin BS
Joint Secretary: Dr Hariprasad Athanickal
Treasurer: Dr Sanjay Kumar
EC Members: Dr Anu Pande and Dr Venkatesh Vaditya

“The EFLUTA represents the interests of the faculty members of the premier central university dedicated to the study of Languages and Humanities, headquartered in Hyderabad,” the press release stated. 

In such a scenario where, seemingly, two different elections were held for EFLUTA and now, there are two EFLUTA, EdexLive reached out to the president-elect’s of the two associations. 

While Prof ME Veda Sharan said that he is not aware of the existence of any other body, Dr Srinivas Lankala called the other body “non-existent” as far as he and other teachers are concerned. 

It may be recalled that in the light of the October 18 sexual assault incident on campus which led to protests, hunger strikes and more, this move for the election of the teachers’ association comes. Protesting students are now facing FIRs and showcase notices. 

In Prof Sharan’s words…
“The association has been non-functional for quite some time now. The earlier body which was elected had a term and mandate which expired,” Prof Sharan said. Upon request from senior professors to revive the association, the elections were held, he added. 

“The panel has elected candidates unanimously and there was no voting as such. There was one post and because it was unanimous, it was more or less one person and that’s what the panel voted for,” says Prof Sharan. 

Additionally, he added that the association is willing to take up the issues or problems of any staff member and any teacher. “Anytime, without any hindrance, the faculty and teachers are most welcome. Anyone who has an issue, we will take it up and we will do everything we can,” he added.

In Dr Srinivas Lankala’s words…
Dr Lankala says that they are planning to approach the Press Council regarding the alleged teachers’ association mentioned in the Telangana Today report. 

It may be recalled that Dr Lankala received transfer orders right before the elections and so did a returning officer Prof Suvarna Lakshmi. 

“It is very sudden and shocking,” said Prof Srinivas speaking to EdexLive about the transfer orders. “On the night of November 22, without any warning and consultation, we were served with transfer notice,” he added.

This association is in the process of finding out more about the “vague” transfer orders. 

In the varsity’s words…
As per an official communique received from the varsity’s Public Relations Officer regarding EdexLive‘s report ‘EFLU: Right before teachers’ association elections, two professors received transfer orders‘, it was stated that the body mentioned in the November 23 press release is “neither a recognized body nor an association named by the Statutes, and ordinances of the EFL University Act, 2006.”

It went on to call it a “private unregistered body” as the “‘association'” never informed the University at any stage about its activities”. It also went on to refute all the allegations made against Vice-Chancellor, Prof E Suresh Kumar and any allegation that the varsity interfered with the effective working of any body. 

“The administration never interferes in teachers’ association or teachers’ associations elections,” it said. 

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