‘It was an honour to discuss the growth of esports in India with PM Modi’

Following a groundbreaking meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India’s gaming community is buzzing with optimism about the future of esports and gaming in the country. The gathering, held at the Prime Minister’s official residence in the Capital last week, brought together top Indian gamers, including Payal Dhare, Animesh Agarwal and Naman Mathur, among others, for a transformative dialogue on the burgeoning gaming industry.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Indian gamers an esports athletes last week.

“It was an honour to discuss the growth of esports in India with PM Modi and share our vision for its future,” said Animesh Agarwal, reflecting on the meeting, adding, “I was impressed by his understanding of the industry and his belief that it should grow with government support rather than regulation. We talked about improving business conditions for gaming and shared our experiences, challenges and ideas for the industry’s development.”

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Naman Mathur echoed this sentiment, describing the experience as surreal: “Who would have imagined that I’d have the opportunity to play a game based on Indian mythology (referring to the PC game Raji) with him and guide him through it? I believe this interaction could serve as a pivotal moment for the advancement of gaming and esports in India.”

Payal Dhare, one of the handful of female gamers in the country, was also present at the assembly: “Discussing the opportunities for female gamers in India with the PM added immense value to my journey. His attentive listening and clear distinction between esports and gaming content creation were truly insightful, and we hope everyone has this clarity. The focus was on leveraging gaming to positively influence youth, stimulate creativity, boost India’s participation in the global gaming arena, and elevate the country’s international standing. I strongly resonate with his vision of game development in India.”

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