Google rolls out AI Overviews in Search in US, revamps Gemini 1.5 Pro| Top updates

Google chief executive officer (CEO) Sundar Pichai on Tuesday made several big ticket announcements with focus on artificial intelligence at the search engine giant’s I/O developers event in California. 

Google I/O 2024 LIVE coverage

Pichai said that the technology giant is unveiling AI Overviews to all the users in the United States this week.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced several products with AI in focus.(Google)

The tech boss also announced improvements to the Gemini Pro 1.5 model, that is capable of making sense of a massive amount of data. 

Google CEO Pichai announced that the company has doubled the amount to 2 million tokens, meaning the AI potentially could answer questions when given thousands of pages of text or more than an hour of video to ingest in a single prompt.

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The Pro model – starting with prompt sizes of up to 1 million tokens, or pieces of data – will also be available to subscribers to Google’s Gemini Advanced service.

AI Overviews uses generative AI to synthesize information and answer more complex queries for which there is no simple answer on the Web.

Google’s announcements come a day after Microsoft-backed OpenAI unveiled its new AI model named GPT-4o, which enables the flagship ChatGPT to respond via voice in real time and be interrupted – both hallmarks of realistic voice conversations that AI voice assistants like Google Assistant have found challenging.

Google also announced a new Gemini model called 1.5 Flash, which is a lighter weight model as compared to 1.5 Pro. According to the company, it is optimized for tasks where low latency and cost matter – like chat applications, extracting data from long documents and more.

The Mountain View-headquartered tech giant said that it has developed a range of AI systems that can turn vision and language into action for the robots, navigate complex virtual 3D environments and solve Olympiad-level math problems.

The company also announced ‘Project Astra’, its new initiative focused on building a future AI assistant that can be truly helpful in everyday life.

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