Class X student of Jodhpur Park Boys’ school symbolically takes charge as headmaster for a-

Image for representative purpose only | (Pic: EdexLive)

On World Children’s Day, Saikat Dey, a Class X student at Jodhpur Park Boys’ School in Kolkata, took on the symbolic role of headmaster for a day, replacing Amit Sen Majumder, reports PTI. This event was part of UNICEF’s Kids’ Takeover programme, where students expressed their opinions and demands.

According to PTI, Dey urged the authorities to use more modern gadgets and technology in the classrooms to make learning enjoyable. “As the symbolic headmaster of the school, I would urge for the use of science, modern technology and scientific gadgets in ensuring education and safety of the students,” he said, amid cheers from his classmates. Preferring creative audio-visual means for teaching, Dey said, “Such methods should be used extensively as they help the children to visualise and understand better.” 

UNICEF’s Chief of West Bengal, Amit Mehrotra, emphasised the need to focus on improving classrooms and laboratories for secondary and senior secondary schools, considering the already high rate of enrollment in primary schools in the state.

In a separate event, Mala Singh Mura assumed the symbolic role of headmaster at Asha Bhavan Centre in Uluberia, Howrah district, states PTI. Mura has an intellectual disability. She is known for her love of playing football and cricket.

She believes that every child has the right to study and play. “As the head of an institution, I want to extend help to all children for education and games,” she said.


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