What Irritates MS Dhoni? Matthew Hayden’s No Nonsense Response

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One of the finest cricketers of time, a true legend of the game, MS Dhoni is a name that needs no introduction. Over the years, Dhoni has won several accolades, both in international cricket and in the Indian Premier League for Chennai Super Kings. Dhoni hasn’t just made a name for himself as a finisher and wicket-keeper but also as a captain, especially because of the way he handles tense situations. Nicknamed ‘captain cool’ by peers, Dhoni, however, does lose his cool on occasions.

Australia great Matthew Hayden, who has also played with Dhoni in the IPL with Chennai Super Kings, revealed what is it that ‘irritates’ Dhoni.

Though Dhoni manages to keep his cool on most occasions than not, it is casual fielding that irritates him, according to Hayden.

While Dhoni is no longer an active international cricketer, he often becomes a talking point on social media over his personal life.

Recently, Dhoni was asked why he doesn’t do YouTube live videos like some other retired cricketers, he gave an interesting reply..

“Just now I was talking about this. Someone even asked me the same. Woh bolte hai ‘mere se na ho payega’(I won’t be able to do it), because it’s very tough. I won’t say I am very camera conscious but its doesn’t come to me. So , I am very happy having a one on one conversation. I am more of an in-person kid of a man. When it comes to YouTube I don’t think I will be able to do it. Plus I am moody. It might happen that I will three-four videos, then like my Instagram, put another video after one year,” MS Dhoni can be heard as saying in a video that has been widely shared on X.

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