US Woman Missing Since June Found Dead Wrapped In Plastic In Boyfriend’s Fridge

It is not clear how the 35-year-old died. (Representative pic)

A US woman who had been missing since June was found wrapped in plastic and stuffed inside her boyfriend’s refrigerator on Sunday. According to The New York Post, 35-year-old Heather Schwab was reported missing by her estranged mother, who told the cops that she hadn’t spoken to her daughter in a year because of Ms Schwab’s drug abuse and other things. She also said she was scared that her daughter’s boyfriend, 42-year-old Chad Stevens, was abusive and might even kill her. 

Unfortunately, the mother’s fears became reality when police in McKinney, Texas, searched Mr Stevens’ home on November 6 and found a gruesome scene inside. Citing a police report, the Post reported that the entrance to Mr Stevens’ kitchen had been walled off from the rest of the home with sheetrock. When the cops broke through the temporary wall, they found Ms Schwab’s body wrapped in “lots of plastic wrap” and stuffed in the fridge. 

It is not clear how the 35-year-old died. However, after her body was found, Mr Stevens told the police that she died in late July and he put her in the fridge because he didn’t know what else to do. 

The Mirror reported that the Mr Stevens’ gave investigators different stories about what happened. In June, he told the police that Ms Schwad left him and he didn’t know where she had gone. But recently he claimed that the 35-year-old died three days after she fell in the shower and hit her head. He also gave neighbours a completely different story, claiming that the woman died of cancer. 

Now, Mr Stevens is facing charges of tampering with evidence, although more charges are expected. 

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The Post noted that Mr Stevens has a long criminal history including convictions for assault, theft and drug charges. In 2022, cops were reportedly called to his home for a domestic violence incident after receiving a tip that a man was screaming while a woman waved a gun in the air. The police believe that it was the couple in question. 

Earlier this year, Mr Stevens also allegedly threatened to kill his daughter and her unborn child after she told him about her pregnancy. When interviewed by the cops, the daughter told them about the incident. She also said that her father had researched the penalties for hiding a body, and thought he would only serve five years in prison. 

Ms Schwab’s mother learned about her daughter’s death when Mr Stevens’ ex-wife contacted her and said that the man had killed her daughter and buried her in the backyard. 

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