University reopens, students return but in fewer numbers-

After the tragic incident that claimed the lives of four students, with two students still struggling for their life, the Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) reopened after five days. Still, a sense of gloom pervaded the atmosphere as the institution witnessed very scanty student footfall, according to The New Indian Express.

The tech fest Dhishna 2023, organised by the CUSAT School of Engineering (SOE) was marred by a stampede at singer Nikitha Gandhi’s concert, and when the college reopened on Thursday, November 30, students were scarce and most of the students left after some time.

Word from the students
Anto, the student representative in the University senate said, “Attendance was way down. Only a handful of students came.” He also added that the students arrived at the university for counselling sessions that had been arranged by the university, and no classes were conducted, and they went back home after attending the sessions.

Another student said that the students were not at ease to attend the classes so soon, right after the incident had taken place. “The students don’t feel comfortable coming to the classes so soon after the incident that saw three of their friends killed after getting crushed in the stampede at the university amphitheatre where the music concert had been arranged.”

He further expressed his grief saying that the students are anguished thinking that their friends are fighting for their lives and others are injured, and some of them are absent from the classroom, and will no longer sit beside them.

Another student said that it would take some time for students to come to terms with the tragedy that occurred. According to her, the SOE authorities have instructed the students to come in only for counselling.

“Students also have vacated the hostels since the mess has been closed after the incident. It is said the hostels will resume functioning only by Monday (December 4),” she added.

Another student of the university said that the incident has taken an emotional toll on everyone and hence, everyone is taking some time to ease into normalcy and come back to campus soon. 

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