Top room heaters: 10 premium choices to match your taste


Bring home a good room heater which comes with innovative features and is durable.

Shopping will always be confusing, especially when you need something for a long term. This holds particularly true for room heaters, which not only provide warmth during chilly winters but also add to the aesthetic of your living space. With an array of options available, selecting the top room heaters can be daunting. However, understanding your needs and the latest features can make this task much simpler and more enjoyable.

Room heaters have evolved significantly over the years, moving beyond their primary function of heating. Today, they are also about energy efficiency, safety features, design, and even smart home compatibility. As we delve into the world of premium room heaters, it’s essential to consider these facets to match your taste and lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for something to blend seamlessly with your modern décor or a heater with cutting-edge technology, the market has something for everyone. One key factor in choosing the right heater is the type of heating technology it uses. Ceramic, infrared, and oil-filled heaters each have their unique benefits and are suited to different room sizes and environments. While ceramic heaters are known for quick heating, infrared models offer even heat distribution, and oil-filled heaters are celebrated for their energy efficiency. The choice depends on your specific needs, be it quick heating for small spaces or consistent warmth for larger areas. Another aspect to consider is the safety features. With heaters becoming more sophisticated, features like automatic shut-off, tip-over protection, and cool-to-the-touch surfaces are becoming standard. These features are particularly important if you have pets or children at home.

Let’s not forget about the design. Modern room heaters are not just appliances but also pieces of art. They come in various styles and sizes, from sleek and minimalistic to bold and statement-making. The right heater can accentuate your room’s decor while providing the necessary warmth. This guide explores the top 10 premium room heaters of November 2023, each carefully selected to cater to different tastes and requirements. From the latest in heating technology to the most stylish designs, these heaters are sure to enhance your home’s comfort and appeal. So, let’s get started and find the perfect room heater that not only meets your heating needs but also matches your impeccable taste.

Product List

  1. Warmex Home Appliances 1000/2000 Watts Electric PTC Heater/Fan Heater/Tower Heater/Room Heater ZEAL+ with Touch Control Digital Display & Temperature Setting Upto 49°C – Black

This Warmex heater brings the heat and the style. With a PTC heating element that warms up in seconds and a range of temperature settings up to a toasty 49°C, you’ll be cozy in no time. Use the dual fans to distribute heat evenly and control the heater’s functions from the full remote or touch control panel. The digital display makes temperature adjustments quick and easy, while the automatic safety shut-off and tip-over protection give you peace of mind. With a choice of warm, hot, or cool wind speeds and a timer of up to 8 hours, you can customize the perfect setting for any occasion. The sleek, black design complements any decor, so you can stay stylishly warm all season long.

Specifications of Warmex Home Appliances 1000/2000 Watts Electric PTC Heater/Fan

  • Power: 1000/2000 Watts
  • Heater Type: PTC Heater/Fan Heater/Tower Heater
  • Features: Touch Control Digital Display, Temperature Setting Up to 49°C
  • Colour: Black



Dual power settings (1000/2000 Watts) for adjustable heating

Higher price point

Digital display with touch control for ease of use

Might be overpowered for small spaces

Temperature setting up to 49°C for precise heat control

Potentially higher electricity consumption at 2000W setting


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2. Havells Solace 1500 Watt with PTC Ceramic Heating Element & 2 Heat Setting Room Heater (White & Black)

This heater’s PTC ceramic heating element distributes heat evenly so you can dial in the perfect temperature with the adjustable thermostat and two heat settings. An oscillation function circulates warmth throughout the room, while a cleanable dust filter helps keep things running smoothly. Add in a tip-over switch for safety and an integrated carry handle for portability, and you’ve got a reliable heater that will keep you cozy all season long. Made from durable materials and high-quality components, the Havells Solace heater delivers consistent, reliable warmth without overheating thanks to built-in safety features. Simply plug it in, set your desired temperature and let this powerful yet compact room heater get to work chasing away the chill.

Specifications of Havells Solace 1500 Watt with PTC Ceramic Heating Element & 2 Heat Setting Room Heater

  • Power: 1500 Watt
  • Heater Type: PTC Ceramic Heating Element
  • Features: 2 Heat Settings
  • Colour: White & Black



PTC Ceramic Heating Element for efficient heating

Limited to two heat settings

Compact design suitable for small spaces

May not be ideal for very large rooms


3. Bajaj Flashy 1000 Watts Radiant Room Heater

Keep warm this winter with the Bajaj Flashy 1000 Watts Radiant Room Heater. Featuring a 1000 watt heating element, this compact heater provides instant warmth for small rooms and spaces. Adjust the thermostat to customize the heat level for personalized comfort. The CRCA steel body and nickel chromium-plated mesh grid efficiently distribute heat while the cotton-braided cord ensures safety. Neat and clean operation with overheat protection makes this a reliable and dependable room heater. Backed by a 2-year warranty, you can stay cozy knowing you have a trusted heating solution. Go ahead, turn up the heat and enjoy radiant warmth without breaking the bank.

Specifications of Bajaj Flashy 1000 Watts Radiant Room Heater

  • Power: 1000 Watts
  • Heater Type: Radiant
  • Additional Features: Compact design



Compact and portable design

Radiant heating might not be suitable for large rooms

Ideal for small spaces and personal use

Basic design with no advanced features


4. SUMMERCOOL Sun Heater 14 Room Heater 1000W Carbon Room Heater With ISI Approved (White) | Perfect For Extreme Cold Winter | Lightweight | 1 Year Warranty

This one proves to be a versatile heater for optimizing your space temperature, especially during cold winter months. This lightweight ceramic room heater offers two power settings to heat rooms up to 14 square meters quickly and quietly. The wide-angle oscillation function and adjustable reflector direct warmth where you need it most, while the safety features prevent overheating and tipping accidents for worry-free use. Whether you need to take the chill off an office, bedroom or living room, this compact space heater provides a cozy warmth perfect for working, relaxing or sleeping comfortably through the coldest days.

Specifications of SUMMERCOOL Sun Heater 14 Room Heater 1000W Carbon Room Heater

  • Power: 1000W
  • Heater Type: Carbon Room Heater
  • Features: ISI Approved, Lightweight, 1 Year Warranty
  • Colour: White



Lightweight and portable

Carbon heating might not be suitable for people with respiratory issues

ISI approved for safety standards

Limited to one color option (White)

1 Year Warranty

May not be sufficient for large rooms


5. AEXERO 2000W PTC Ceramic Room Heater for Home with Remote, 80° Oscillation, Overheat & Tip-Over Protection, 12H Timer, Electric Heater with 2 Heat Settings (1000W/2000W) for Bedroom Indoor (Black)

This ceramic room heater from AEXERO quickly provides warm comfort with its rapid 1 second heat up. Its 2000 watts spread warmth over a 26 square meter area like your living room, bedroom, or office. The multiple safety features put your safety first, including flame retardant materials, overheat protection that automatically shuts off if too hot, and tip-over shut off if knocked over. The built-in thermostat allows you to set the temperature from 10 to 35 degrees Celsius for energy-efficient comfort. The oscillation swings the heater 40 degrees for balanced warmth that reaches every corner without cold spots. The 40-decibel quiet operation and nightlight create a peaceful environment. Choose from high, medium, and low heat levels using the included remote control or timer for up to 12 hours of scheduled heating.

Specifications of AEXERO 2000W PTC Ceramic Room Heater

  • Power: 2000W (also operates at 1000W)
  • Heater Type: PTC Ceramic
  • Features: Remote Control, 80° Oscillation, Overheat & Tip-Over Protection, 12H Timer, 2 Heat Settings
  • Colour: Black



Remote control for convenience

High power consumption at 2000W setting

80° Oscillation for wide heat distribution

Pricier than basic models

Overheat & Tip-Over Protection for safety

Might be too powerful for small rooms


6. Usha 2 Rod 800 Watt Quartz Heater with Low Power Consumption and Tip Over Protection (4302, Grey)

This little heater provides you with more than sufficient warmth in a compact design. The two heating positions allow you to focus heat where you need it most, while low power consumption means you won’t need to crank up the thermostat to compensate. Safety features abound, from the front grill to protect little hands to the tip-over switch that shuts it off automatically if it falls. Perfect for warming up a chilly office or drafty bedroom without breaking the bank or sacrificing safety, this Usha heater proves big things do come in small packages. Its simple yet cleverly designed exterior belies the cozy comfort radiating from within.

Specifications of Usha 2 Rod 800 Watt Quartz Heater

  • Power: 800 Watt
  • Heater Type: Quartz
  • Features: Low Power Consumption, Tip Over Protection
  • Model: 4302
  • Colour: Grey



Low power consumption

Basic design with limited features

Tip-Over Protection for safety

Not ideal for large spaces

Compact size, suitable for small rooms

Only 800 Watts power


7. Bajaj Deluxe 2000 Watts Halogen Room Heater (Steel, ISI Approved), Multicolor

This one churns out 2,000 watts of radiant warmth to chase the chill from small spaces. The adjustable thermostat and two heat settings give you customized comfort, while the nickel chromium-plated mesh grid ensures effective and even heating. The cotton-braided cord enhances safety, the swiveling legs provide easy mobility, and the stainless steel reflector optimizes heat output. Reliable and safe, this ISI-approved heater delivers neat and clean operation to keep you cozy all winter long. Simply plug it in and start warming up – your Bajaj heater is ready to banish the cold and make any room feel like a tropical oasis.

Specifications of Bajaj Deluxe 2000 Watts Halogen Room Heater

  • Power: 2000 Watts
  • Heater Type: Halogen
  • Features: ISI Approved
  • Colour: Multicolour



High power (2000 Watts) suitable for larger rooms

Halogen heaters can be bright and distracting

Multicolor design

High energy consumption

ISI Approved for safety standards

Bulbs may need replacement over time


8. Bajaj RHX-2 New 800-Watt Room Heater (White)

This petite yet powerful room heater from Bajaj boasts an 800-watt heating element in a compact white design. Two heat settings allow you to dial in the perfect warmth for small spaces, while safety features like a tip-over switch and thermal fuse ensure risk-free operations. Instant heat means you’ll be toasty in no time on those chilly winter nights. The noiseless operation and portable design make it ideal for bedrooms, home offices, and living rooms, providing efficient warmth in a stylish package. With a 2-year warranty, this Bajaj heater is a reliable and affordable way to heat your space without breaking the budget. Simply plug it in, turn it on, and enjoy cozy comfort within minutes.

Specifications of Bajaj RHX-2 New 800-Watt Room Heater

  • Power: 800-Watt
  • Heater Type: Standard Room Heater
  • Colour: White



Compact and easy to move

Basic model with no advanced features

800-Watt power suitable for small areas

Not ideal for large rooms or spaces


9. Crompton Insta Cozy 1200 Watt Halogen Room Heater with 3 Heat Settings

This InstaCozy room heater from Crompton unleashes cozy warmth instantly. The extra-long halogen rods heat up quickly and efficiently, spreading warmth throughout the room with its wide oscillation angle. Choose from three heat settings up to 1200 watts to match your comfort needs. Safety features like tilt protection and a stainless steel reflector help ensure no risk while you enjoy toasty goodness. An ISI-approved product, it comes with a one-year warranty covering manufacturing defects. Simply plug it in and experience fast, efficient and safe heating anytime, anywhere – perfect for those chilly winter nights or cool summer evenings.

Specifications of Crompton Insta Cozy 1200 Watt Halogen Room Heater

  • Power: 1200 Watt
  • Heater Type: Halogen
  • Features: 3 Heat Settings
  • Colour: Standard



3 Heat Settings for flexibility

Halogen heating might not be suitable for all preferences

1200 Watt power suitable for medium-sized rooms

Bulbs may need replacement over time

Compact and portable

Bright light emission during operation



This space heater delivers reliable warmth without worry, thanks to its child safety lock feature. Electric quartz heating technology provides instant, convenient convection heating to warm medium to large rooms comfortably. Simply plug in and turn the dial to unleash powerful, efficient warmth that fills the room in minutes. The cordless, lightweight design allows you to place the heater anywhere you need that extra heat boost, whether it’s a chilly living room or home office. And with the child lock engaged, you can rest assured this heater will remain in place, keeping little ones safe while you stay cozy and comfortable.


  • Power: 800 Watt
  • Heater Type: Quartz
  • Additional Features: Standard design
  • Colour: Standard



Affordable and compact

Basic design with limited features

800 Watt power is energy-efficient for small spaces

Not suitable for larger rooms

Quartz heating element for quick heating

May not blend well with all interior designs


3 Best features for you

Product Name

Feature 1

Feature 2

Feature 3

Warmex Home Appliances ZEAL+ Electric PTC Heater

Dual Power (1000/2000 Watts)

Touch Control Digital Display

Temperature Setting Up to 49°C

Havells Solace Room Heater

PTC Ceramic Heating Element

1500 Watt Power

2 Heat Settings

Bajaj Flashy Radiant Room Heater

Compact Design

1000 Watts Power

Ideal for Small Spaces

4SUMMERCOOL Sun Heater 14 Room Heater

Lightweight and Portable

ISI Approved

1000W Carbon Heater

AEXERO 2000W PTC Ceramic Room Heater

Remote Control & 80° Oscillation

Overheat & Tip-Over Protection

Dual Heat Settings (1000W/2000W)

Usha 2 Rod Quartz Heater

Low Power Consumption

Tip-Over Protection

800 Watt Power

Bajaj Deluxe Halogen Room Heater

2000 Watts Power

Multicolor Design

Steel Construction

Bajaj RHX-2 Room Heater

Compact and Easy to Move

800-Watt Power

Simple White Design

Crompton Insta Cozy Halogen Room Heater

3 Heat Settings

1200 Watt Power

Compact and Portable

EVEREADY QH800ZX Quartz Room Heater

Affordable & Compact

800 Watt Power

Quartz Heating Element

Best overall product

With winter nights growing chilly, depend on Bajaj Flashy 1000 Watts Radiant Room Heater for instant warmth that’s customized to your comfort. This wire-wound heater provides radiant warmth ideal for small rooms, allowing you to adjust the thermostat to your precise heating needs. The neat and clean design features a nickel chromium-plated mesh grid that effectively distributes warmth while the cotton-braided cord ensures safety. Its overheat protection and 2-year warranty ensure that your cozy comfort is dependably in good hands.

Value for money product

Bajaj Deluxe 2000 Watts Halogen Room Heater fills small rooms with instant warmth during those cold winter months. The sturdy steel construction features a powder coating for durability and a nickel chromium-plated mesh grid that delivers effective heating while remaining safe and reliable. Adjust the thermostat to personalize the heat output from its 2000-watt power across two settings. Position it anywhere on its tilting legs and swiveling SS reflector while the cotton braided cord ensures safety. The sleek, subdued design offers convenience and elegance. Plus, a two-year warranty means you can stay cozy for seasons to come.

How to find a suitable room heater for winter?

First, you need to understand what your requirements are. Identifying your specific needs is the foundational step in finding the top room heater that aligns with your preferences and lifestyle. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate through this process:

  • Assess Your Space: The size and layout of the room you want to heat are crucial. Larger spaces may need more powerful heaters, like oil-filled radiators, while a small room might be adequately served by a ceramic or infrared heater. Take note of room insulation, as well, since poorly insulated spaces may require more heating power.
  • Determine the Heater Type: Understand the different types of heaters and their functionalities. Infrared heaters are great for direct, spot heating, ceramic heaters quickly warm up a room, and oil-filled heaters provide consistent, long-lasting heat. Your choice should align with the heating method that best suits your space and comfort level.
  • Consider Energy Efficiency: If energy consumption is a concern, look for heaters with energy-saving modes, programmable thermostats, and timers. These features can help minimize power usage while maintaining comfortable temperatures.
  • Safety Features: This is particularly important if you have children or pets. Look for heaters with safety features like tip-over protection, automatic shut-off systems, and cool-to-the-touch surfaces.
  • Noise Level: Some heaters can be noisy, which might be a disturbance, especially in bedrooms or quiet environments. Convection heaters and oil-filled radiators tend to operate more quietly than fan-based heaters.
  • Extra Features: Consider additional features like remote controls, digital displays, multiple heating settings, and oscillation for better heat distribution. Smart heaters that can be controlled via smartphone apps are also an option for tech-savvy users.
  • Budget and Aesthetics: Set a budget and consider the design of the heater. The market offers a range of styles from sleek and modern to more traditional looks, ensuring you can find a heater that not only functions well but also complements your room’s decor.
  • Brand and Warranty: Research different brands for their reliability and customer service. A good warranty can provide peace of mind, ensuring that you’re covered in case of any defects or issues.

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