This new Instagram tool lets you change image background with prompts

Instagram has rolled out ‘Backdrop,’ a new tool that will use generative artificial intelligence (AI) to allow users to change an image’s background with ‘just a few taps and a prompt’.

Instagram’s new ‘Backdrop’ tool (Image courtesy: Threads/Ahmad Al-Dahle)

The feature was announced by Ahmad Al-Dahle, who leads the generative AI team at Instagram-parent Meta.

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“With backdrop, you can reimagine your image’s background with just a few taps and a prompt like ‘chased by dinosaurs’ or ‘surround by puppies’ to create an entirely new image for your Story,” Al-Dahle wrote on Threads, Meta’s X (formerly Twitter)-like social network that went live in July.

How to use Instagram’s ‘Backdrop’ tool?

To use the feature, people must first upload or capture a content for their Story; the ‘Backdrop’ button is located at the top of a Story. The button sits alongside the existing icons on the top of the screen; it is represented by a picture of a person with a rectangular frame behind them.

On tapping the icon, the photo’s background will go checkered – similar to picture editors like Photoshop, for example – along with some ready prompts such as ‘On a red carpet,’ ‘Being chased by dinosaurs,’ and ‘Surrounded by puppies.” You can use any of these prompts or write your own to change the background.

Once done, a ‘Try it’ sticker will appear on sharing the modified photo, so that your friends and followers too can use the tool.


Backdrop is available in the United States, wrote Al-Dahle. He, however, did not say if it will be released outside the US too, and when.

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