This new AI tool from OnePlus lets you create music videos: All you need to know

China-based smartphone manufacturer OnePlus has launched its AI Music Studio, which allows users to compose their own songs ‘within minutes.’

AI Music Studio (Image courtesy: OnePlus)

“Our newest creation – The OnePlus AI Music Studio – is where your musical aspirations soar on the wings of cutting-edge technology. Craft your lyrics, seamlessly blend them with AI-generated beats, and witness your creation unfold with a visually captivating music video – all within your grasp,” the company said in a press release on November 17.

“Share your musical masterpiece with the world, download the creation, and let the social media stage be the platform for your spotlight,” it added.

What is OnePlus AI Music Studio?

Available for both Indian and non-Indian users, the AI tool requires people to begin by signing up, which they must do using their email address. Once they are on the platform, they get to decide the genre and ‘mood’ of the music video.

Also, one does not need to own a OnePlus device to use the feature.

How to create a music video?

(1.) Click on ‘Create Music’ and preferred genre (rap, hip-hop, EDM; pop coming soon), mood (happy, energetic, romantic, sad) and theme.

(2.) Click on ‘Proceed Provide’, a prompt for AI to create your lyrics.

(3.) You will get the lyrics in the next 2-3 minutes.

(4.) Now, create your music along with the video.

(5.) If you want, you can download the video and/or share it on your social media handles.

The contest…

To popularise the feature, OnePlus has announced a contest for users from India, Europe and North America, with 100 entries allowed from each region. A person can send multiple entries; however, only entry per person will be eligible for a prize.

The deadline to submit entries is 5pm IST on December 17.

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