‘They deserve better’: Tech leaders ‘stunned’ after Sam Altman’s ouster

Everybody is taken by surprise after one of the shocking dismissals of a high-profile CEO, the ouster of ChatGPT maker OpenAI’s Sam Altman. Following Altman’s expulsion, Greg Brockman announced his resignation as president and co-founder of OpenAI. The technology and business industries are now grappling with the recent developments.

Sam Altman, outgoing chief executive officer of OpenAI.(Bloomberg)

Co-founder and CEO of Airbnb Brian Chesky extended his support to both Altman and Brockman and said he is ‘saddened by what’s transpired’. “They, and the rest of the OpenAI team, deserve better,” he wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

Chief of TED Chris Anderson drew parallel between Altman’s ouster and Apple firing Steve Jobs. “I’m stunned by this…Who has the real story? Please, we need to know,” he wrote.

Aaron Levie, the CEO of Box, said it is not a standard startup leadership shakeup, but ‘this instantly changes the structure of the industry’.

“Nearly impossible to picture OpenAI without Sam and Greg. They made AI finally go mainstream after years of it never happening. Can’t imagine what happens next,” he said.

Former CEO of Google Eric Schmidt called Altman his hero and recalled how the outgoing OpenAI CEO built the company from ‘nothing to $90 billion in value’. “I can’t wait to see what he does next. I, and billions of people, will benefit from his future work- it’s going to be simply incredible. Thank you @sama for all you have done for all of us,” he said.

Among others, co-founder of Coursera Andrew Ng, investors Alfred Lin, Yuri Sugalov praised Altman-Brocman duo for their contribution in the artificial intelligence.

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