The 13 essential documents for application when opting to study abroad-

Going abroad to study is as risky as it is exciting – and students need to be prepared for it. One of the most important components of your preparation is meeting the admission requirements of the universities of your choice, and having the right paperwork to show it. 

Here is a general list of important documents, without which your college application is incomplete:

1) Application Form 
A no-brainer, this is the document that ultimately makes or breaks your application. Your application must include all your personal and professional details accurately and honestly.   

2) Statement of Purpose (SoP)
Your SoP would give the university a clear idea of your background, your reason for pursuing the program of your choice in said university, and how it would align with your career goals. 

3) Marks Transcripts
These are the proof of your educational qualifications, and include the subjects you studied in your previous degree with your grades, credits and the degree awarded to you.

4) Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Your CV is a comprehensive timeline of all your academic and professional endeavours – such as your degree(s), certifications, internships, work experience, and more. 

5) Test Scores
Based on the country, course, and university you are applying to, you are required to submit the scores of a standardised test like GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, and so on. 

6) Letters of Recommendation (LoRs)
An LoR from your professor, academic supervisor or manager highlights your work ethic, skill set, and the qualifications you made to your college or workplace.

7) Work Experience Certificate
Most universities require a few years of work experience, especially for Master’s Admissions. Work experience certificates from the places you worked or interned at would prove it. 

8) Essays
Some universities also ask applicants to submit a personal essay along with their SoPs. Your essay displays your commitment towards studying abroad and gives a good first impression.

9) Passport
It is important that you also have a valid passport with a validity period extending to at least six months after the planned return date to your home country. 

10) Financial Documents
These include your student loan statement, scholarship letter, sponsorship proof, etc. You may also provide your income proof or that of your family.

11) Photo ID
Your photo ID is a proof of your identity with your photograph on it. Typically, your PAN Card or Voter ID is accepted as a photo ID. You also need to provide proof of your residence.

12) Health Certificates
You would need health insurance and vaccination certificates in the country you go to. Your health reports would be necessary for that. As a result, you could benefit from a health checkup.

13) Passport-sized Photographs
Admissions and visa departments are particular about the size of photographs they need, and the background in the photographs. Your photographs need to meet those requirements.  

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