Teachers’ association issues statement for pending promotions, student union elections-

The Jawaharlal Nehru University Teachers’ Association (JNUTA) criticised the university administration for irregular promotions of the faculty members and “continuous destruction of the democratic character of the University”.

In a statement released by the JNUTA today, Tuesday, November 21, the association highlighted that more than 75 associate professors at the university are waiting for their CAS (Career Advancement Scheme) for professorship. At the same time, more than 90 Assistant Professors eligible to be appointed either as Professor (with more than 15+ years of service) or Associate Professor (with more than 12+ years of service) are awaiting their stage promotions.

In a conversation with EdexLive, Avinash Kumar, Secretary, JNUTA, said “The heart of the matter is that promotions are being withheld from many teachers who have been in service for more than 12 or 15 years. Meanwhile, some teachers are getting selectively promoted but not in a principled way. Our clear demand is that all the eligible associate or assistant professors be immediately promoted or we will have to intensify our agitation.”

The JNUTA also held a solidarity meeting on November 17 against the delayed promotion process at JNU.

Additionally, the teachers’ association also condemned arbitrary penalties, including rustications, being imposed on JNU students for protesting without following due process.

“Several students, including women and disabled students, in the past few weeks have been targets of this – they have been issued show cause notices, ordered to vacate hostels, and even rusticated, for their participation in democratic protests. The extent of the arbitrariness of the Administration can be judged from the example that a student’s rustication which was withdrawn by the University administration after the Delhi High Court directed it to reconsider the punishment, was re-imposed once again two days later, by withdrawing the previous order,” the statement released on Tuesday added.

The association has demanded the administration complete all pending applications for promotions, restoration of student union elections and withdrawal of all arbitrary notices to students issued without completing the due process.

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