Tamil Nadu Class X students can now apply for revaluation and answer sheet copies-

Pic Credit: EdexLive

The Tamil Nadu State Government has released a government order (GO) to provide scanned copies of public examination answer sheets to Class X students, should they ever apply to receive them. This order followed a letter issued by the Directorate of Government Examinations (DGE), Tamil Nadu to the State Government. 

The students of Tamil Nadu, including candidates from private schools and those appearing for supplementary examinations, could earlier apply for recounting of marks. With this government order, they will now be able to obtain copies of their answer sheets by approaching the courts and the Chief Minister’s Special Cell, or through Right to Information (RTI) applications if they are not satisfied with their results. 

Earlier, the School Education Department could not provide answer transcript copies to students despite there being scope for revaluation, owing to the absence of a government order for the same, stated the letter from the DGE. It also added that the rejection of such requests was a cause for stress to students and parents alike. 

Currently, as per the DGE’s recommendations, the Tamil Nadu Government fixed the following costs for revaluation and copies of answer sheets:

Further, the marks revealed after revaluation stand as the final scores of the candidates, the government order stated.


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