Stray dog enters classroom in Kerala, bites class VI student-

Picture Courtesy: TNIE

A Class VI student in Kerala’s Palakkad District was bitten by a stray dog that allegedly entered the classroom where she was seated. This incident occurred at Mannarakadu in Palakkad and the victim was identified as Mheera, according to an IANS report.

According to a statement made by the victim’s father, the dog entered the classroom when a lesson was on and bit the student.

The girl’s father further added that his daughter was seated in the first row when the stray dog bit her on her right hip when the teacher had to chase the dog away with her bag.

The girl was soon brought to the hospital and was given the necessary injections and was later declared fit. The father also said that another student was brought in as well and is doing fine.

According to Mheera’s father, the teachers had warned the students and asked them to keep away from the stray dogs. Reportedly, a person has also been bitten by the same dog outside the school premises.

Not the first incident
Kerala has been witnessing a rise in the number of dog attacks as a Class III student was hospitalised after she was mauled by three stray dogs, where she sustained injuries to her arms and legs. Another incident occurred in Kollam where stray dogs attacked school children right outside their institutions as they were leaving the school in the afternoon, according to a report by The New Indian Express


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