“Spiderman, Spiderwoman” Went For A Bike Ride. Cops Arrested Them

A man and woman dressed as superheroes, Spiderman and Spider-Woman, were arrested for performing stunts on a motorcycle in South West Delhi’s Dwarka, police said on Friday. The “Spiderman couple”, as police described them, were riding on a bike with no number plate or mirrors.

“Spiderman” Aditya, 20, and his friend “Spider-Woman” Anjali, 19, recorded an Instagram reel of themselves riding on the bike, titled “Spiderman Najafgarh Part 5”. In the video, “Spider-Woman” walks up to the friendly-neighborhood superhero and the two shake hands. She climbs on his bike and off they go riding on the streets of Delhi. As they zoom through, the “Spiderman couple” are seen talking to each other as they strike a pose for the camera and even throw in a dance move. 

After the reel went viral, the Delhi traffic police arrested the two and issued a challan under Motor Vehicle Act.

But this wasn’t the first time the self-styled “Najafgarh Spiderman” has taken to the streets of Delhi while donning his superhero attire. The 20-year-old Najafgarh resident runs an Instagram account called Indian Spidey Official, where he posts videos of his stunts. His bio reads “Your Friendly Neighbourhood Indian Spidey” and the account has nearly 10,000 followers, with some videos getting over 70,000 likes. A quick scroll through his Instagram page shows the “Indian Spidey” playing badminton, riding a tractor and dancing on trending songs.

He has also been spotted performing at college fests, cosplay events and gathering of anime fans. His Instagram shows the wanna-be superhero has visited a Delhi school to pose with school children and was even in the audience of the National Film Awards, albeit without a costume.

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