Shocking Video Shows UK Teen Killing 82-Year-Old Army Veteran With Single Punch

Moumeche, now 18, was found guilty of manslaughter and was sentenced to two years in youth detention

A teenager in the UK who killed an 82-year-old Army veteran with a single punch has been sentenced to two years in a young offenders institution, the New York Post reported. The incident happened in May 2021 when 16-year-old Omar Moumeche attacked Dennis Clarke, 82, at Derby bus station. The elderly man was on his way home from a day of shopping when he noticed Omar Moumeche and his friends messing about on an escalator. He confronted them about their behaviour and then left the supermarket. However, he was followed to the bus station, where he was attacked by Moumeche. The former soldier, who served in Singapore, was pushed and then viciously punched to the ground.  After this, Moumeche fled the bus station but was arrested within minutes.

The punch caused the 82-year-old to fall to the floor, fracturing his skull and causing a bleed on the brain. He died in hospital nine days later. 

Derbyshire Police have released shocking footage of the attack, which shows Mr Clarke surrounded by the group of teenagers he had previously scolded. 

Here’s the video: 

Moumeche, now 18, was found guilty of manslaughter in July and was sentenced to two years in youth detention at Derby Crown Court on Friday.

Detective Inspector Mark Shaw, who led the investigation into Mr Clarke’s death, said, ”Our investigation was assisted by the capture of CCTV footage and many witness accounts, all of which were presented during the trial. The defendant claimed he acted in self-defence, and the jury on the balance and high threshold required refused to accept his version of events.”

He added, ”The tragic events of that day have had a devastating effect on both the families of Mr Clarke and of the defendant himself. Mr. Moumeches’ actions at that moment will have lasting effects both short term whilst he is serving his custodial sentence, and post-sentence as he tries to move forward.

“I hope that this case will demonstrate how important it is to stop and take a moment before resolving any matters and avoid resorting to the level of violence and the consequences seen here.”

No further action is being taken against two other teenage boys who were arrested at the time in connection with the same incident.

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