Right before teachers’ association elections, two professors recieved transfer orders-

The English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU), Hyderabad, on Thursday, November 23, elected new office bearers for the EFLU Teachers’ Association (EFLUTA). Dr Srinivas Lankala of the Department of Communication has been elected as the President of the teachers’ association. At the same time, Dr Utpal Lahiri from the Linguistics Department has bagged the position of Vice-President, as stated in an official release by the EFLUTA on November 23. 

In an unexpected turn of events, two professors were issued transfer orders on November 22. One was Prof Srinivas, the newly elected president, and the other was Prof Suvarna Lakshmi who was from the three-member committee of returning officers appointed at an extraordinary meeting of the General Body of the association to conduct the elections. Prof Srinivas has been transferred to the Shillong campus while Prof Suvarna Lakshmi has been issued a transfer to Lucknow. 

“It is very sudden and shocking,” said Prof Srinivas speaking to EdexLive about the transfer orders. “On the night of November 22, without any warning and consultation, we were served with transfer notice,” he added. 

When asked what could be the reason behind the transfer orders, he opined “Firstly, the transfer orders were issued to stop the teachers association elections from taking place. Secondly, to obstruct the effective working of the body.” Justifying this further, he cites the timing of the orders to establish how the university was obstructing the elections. 

Transfer order
A professor from that association, who wanted to stay anonymous said, “The official transfer notice mentioned transfer has been done according to the decision taken in the Executive Committee meeting.” However, the exact reason is not disclosed yet, the official added. As per the official transfer order, which EdexLive has access to, the transfer has been made, “in pursuance of the resolution of the 42nd Meeting of the Executive Council.” 

The professor alleges that whoever stands up against Vice-Chancellor Prof E Suresh Kumar to fight against the odds, they are being harassed and threatened by the VC. 

Therefore, to fight against injustices at the university, including the sexual harassment incident on campus that happened in October, the teachers have come together to extend support to the faculty.   

Meanwhile, Prof Srinivas disclosed that today, November 24, the association’s general body had a meeting and is seeking information from the administration to identify the reason behind the transfers.

What next?
When asked about the next step, Prof Srinivas said, “I am trying to get some clarity on what is the transfer policy of the university, is there a transfer policy and when did they decide about my transfer.” 

Is there a transfer policy?
Although Prof Srinivas was not sure about the transfer policy the association member revealed, “Government employees are always consulted before or informed, however, we were neither informed nor consulted,” the professor added. 

Fake TA
Amidst the teachers’ associations elections and the two faculty members receiving transfer orders, the professor disclosed that there were speculations that a fake teachers’ association (TA) was formed by the VC. “When one TA already exists, what is the new TA doing?” the professor questioned.

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