Rajasthan Assembly Elections: Sachin Pilot On Stress-Eating During Elections

Congress leader Sachin Pilot during an election campaign for the Rajasthan Assembly elections(FILE)


Congress leader Sachin Pilot, who is busy campaigning across Rajasthan in the run-up to the round-the-corner state assembly elections, revealed he tends to stress-eat during polls. In a candid interview with Newsbust India, Mr Pilot said, “I have noticed that during elections I put on weight, I think, because of stress eating”.

His choice of stress-busters – “Fistfuls of namkeen, kaju, barfi, samosa. Whatever is available”.

The former Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan also said that he doesn’t follow a set routine during elections. “I wake up around 5.30-6 am and the day ends around 1 am. But election times are different, it’s very hectic,” he said.

“I eat whatever is available wherever. (I eat) on the plane, in cars, at someone’s house,” he added.

So, what does he do to shed those extra kilos gained on the campaign trail? “Ultimately, you have to work it off later. But during elections, I give myself some freedom,” said the Congress leader.

Considered a “youth icon” in Rajasthan, Mr Pilot is often greeted with chants of “I love you” during rallies. “It’s an unadulterated type of outpouring that I receive sometimes from people who like what I do and say,” he said.

He also spoke about work-life balance and how it gets disrupted during elections: “My children are very sensible. They know it’s election times, so, they didn’t complain that I wasn’t there for the Diwali holidays. But I did spend a day with them and celebrated Diwali. Election will happen but it’s also important to celebrate festivals”.

“Everyone is busy but one needs to make time. That balance is important,” said the 46-year-old who likes watching movies during his free time.

When asked if he sees himself at the national level or in Rajasthan in the future, he said, “The high command will decide that but my heart is with the people of Rajasthan.”

Addressing the issue of a spike in the Kota suicide cases this year, Mr Pilot – father of two boys – said the society needs to “chill and relax a bit and shouldn’t put pressure on the youth.”

Rajasthan is going to polls on November 25 and Sachin Pilot is confident that he “will win from his constituency Tonk”. “I got the highest margin last time. Our campaign is strategic, pointed and coherent,” he said.

In 2018, Mr Pilot had won by a margin of over 54,000 votes against the BJP’s Yoonus Khan in Tonk.

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