Railways Officer Slams Ad Featuring Milind Soman

Since being shared, his post has amassed a lot of mixed reactions on social media.

Indian Railway Accounts Service officer Ananth Rupanagudi slammed an advertisement by sportswear manufacturer Puma featuring actor and model Milind Soman. The fitness model is seen in the advertisement running across railway tracks, sparking controversy on social media. Mr Rupanagudi shared the advertisement on X and slammed the company saying that the tracks are not meant for jogging. He also requested that the company include a disclaimer in the video.

A beautiful aerial shot of a forest opens the viral advertisement. Then, Milind Soman appears in the frame as he jogs along the road that goes through the woods. He stretches a little and keeps running across the area, which also includes a railway track. Mr Soman is seen sweating when he traverses a tunnel at the end of the video.

Mr Rupanagudi said on X, “I have a problem with this ad, @PUMA. Railway tracks aren’t meant for jogging and it’s treated as trespassing. @milindrunning- you should have verified this before shooting this ad. @PUMA, please put a disclaimer on this ad.” He also tagged the Ministry of Railways in the post.

Since being shared, his post has amassed a lot of mixed reactions on social media.

A user asked, “Deserted track….Or is it the artificial track created for adv.” To which the officer said, “I believe it’s the railway track in the Borivali National Park. But running on the track of Indian Railways is fundamentally wrong. The messaging of the ad is not correct.”

“Why is he assuming it is “Indian Railways”?  Ad could have been shot anywhere. And maybe it is an abandoned railway track. And then tagging @/RailMinIndia as if they care about safety of passengers, is the bigger joke here,” said a user.

Another said, “Indian railways has multiple huge problems, delayed trains, compartments filled 3 times the capacity, poor state of the railway stations, but yet you care about an unrelated advert. No wonder why railways is in this situation.”

“You can’t expect @milindrunning to verify this as he is the “model”. If at all, the agency who created this ad and perhaps the manufacturer – Puma – are responsible,” commented a person.

“While residing at a cottage in Lovedale, Ooty, the railway tracks parallel path was the only access and hence most of the times, I used to walk on the tracks to reach home. Of course this section of the railway witnessed only the mountain train chugging occasionally,” wrote an X user.

Another user commented, “I don’t see any issue with the ad. Aren’t we nitpicking.”

A person said, “Also, he is seen jogging in the middle of road. Although with no traffic, road is not meant for it. Also, in the deep woods. I think a person cannot visit or jog in a forest core area. And last but not the least, on a narrow gauge track, but it looks like an abandoned one.”

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