PM Modi’s coin tricks with children receive mixed responses; video goes viral-

A video of Prime Minister Narendra Modi spending playful time with two children is going viral on social media. In the clip, PM Modi is seen to be performing coin tricks to the delight of the children who came to visit him in his office today, November 16.

As seen in the clip, PM Modi fixes a coin on his forehead and taps himself behind his head, leading to the coin promptly falling into his palm. Then he feigns to fix the coin on the children’s forehead and they tap themselves behind their heads for the coin to fall in the same way. PM Modi also taps on the children’s heads and playfully pulls their ears, while showing them the trick and interacting with them. The children’s father, along with others, were spotted standing behind.

The clip was posted by Union Women and Child Development Minister Smriti Irani. Sharing the video, she wrote, “Prime Minister @narendramodi Ji’s heartwarming playfulness with kids is a delightful reminder that joy and compassion know no limits. His genuine connection with the younger generation reflects a leader who values every moment of shared laughter.” 

The clip has, however, received mixed responses from the public. While some netizens have appreciated PM Modi on X (formerly Twitter), others have criticised the action. Here are a few comments:

Dr Mahesh Naykude writes, “PM @NarendraModi Ji has a special connection with children! He is truly an affectionate leader. Modi Ji is a such a Motivational and confident leader of Nation!”

Similarly, another user says, “Absolutely, Prime Minister @narendramodi Ji’s interaction and playfulness with kids resonate as heartwarming moments. His genuine connection and ability to engage with the younger generation reflect a leader who values the joy and innocence found in such shared experiences.”

On the other hand, Koshy Varghese shares, “What is memorable with this? As a parent and a grand parent, I can assure you there is nothing memorable about this action.”

And Saurav Vashish says, “Not just children. This is how Modi ji has been playing the entire country. People have been slapping themselves in the name of service to the nation.”

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