Plus II exams from Feb 2024; 3.84 lakh students to appear-

The Annual Higher Secondary Examination (AHSE) of 2024 will take place in February of the following year, according to an announcement from the Odisha State Council of Higher Secondary Education (CHSE) on Friday, December 15, reports The New Indian Express.

The Plus II final year test for theory papers will start on February 16 and go through March 20, according to a notice sent by the council. According to CHSE officials, this year’s exams will be taken by 3,84,597 students – 3,59,039 regular students and 25,558 ex-regular students – from all streams, including Arts, Science, Commerce, and Vocational Education. This is approximately 26,655 more students than in prior years.

Papers will be written by 2.21 lakh regular Arts students, 1.08 lakh Science students, 24,157 Commerce students, and 4,978 Vocational Stream students. On February 16, the Odia paper will be the first exam in the Science stream. 

On February 17, the exams for the Arts and Commerce streams will begin with the same paper. On the other hand, the English paper for the Vocational Education exams will begin on February 19.

Per the directives of the council, the examinations will take place under CCTV observation starting at 10 am. As a result, superintendents of all relevant testing locations have been requested to guarantee that all exam rooms have operational CCTV cameras during all sessions.

Students must be at their respective exam centres 30 minutes before the exam starts, and enter the hall 15 minutes to sit in the seats allotted to them, advises the council.

Ex-regular students enrolled through 2020 will take exams with a modified course prescribed during the COVID-19 epidemic. All streams’ practical tests will begin on January 2 and end on January 12. According to sources, the examination results will be released in the first week of May.

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