Plain trousers for males, kurta pyjama for females; other detail-

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The Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) has issued a dress code for recruitment exams of various state-run boards and corporations to be conducted on November 18 and 19 in Karnataka. In this regard, the KEA has issued a list of prohibited items, which include electronic devices, mobile phones, pen drives, earphones, microphones, Bluetooth devices and wristwatches. The candidates will not be allowed to use them inside the examination centres, as stated in a report by PTI.

Here is a listicle of prohibited actions or dressings:

– Wearing a cap or any other clothing on the head is prohibited to prevent the use of Bluetooth devices in the examination room. Masks are also banned

– Pencil, paper, eraser, geometry boxes and log tables

– Women candidates are not allowed to wear clothes with elaborate embroidery, flowers, or clothes with buttons

– Full-sleeved clothes, jeans pants, high-heeled shoes or slippers 

– Metal jewellery, except ‘Mangalsutra’ and ‘Kalungura’ (toe rings)

– Male candidates have been asked to wear half-sleeve shirts as full-sleeved shirts are not allowed on the day of the examination

As per KEA, plain trousers are the preferred dress code for male candidates but ‘Kurta Pajama’ and jeans pants are not allowed. “Clothes worn by male candidates should be light i.e. no zip pockets, pockets, large buttons and elaborate embroidery. Shoes are strictly prohibited inside the examination hall. Candidates should wear sandals or thin-soled sandals”, it said.


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