‘Pixel, you’re working too hard’: Google takes swipe at iPhone in new video

In a yet another video, Google takes a playful jab at its rival Apple. The Pixel receives praise from the iPhone for its new AI-heavy features, especially the new artificial intelligence model Gemini, while the iPhone is humorously teased for its perceived lack of ‘AI features’ in the new advertisement video.

Google takes potshot on Apple(YouTube)

Excerpt from Google’s playful video aimed at Apple

iPhone: Pixel, you’re working too hard. Every time I turn around, you’re announcing one of your shiny new feature drops. And you just became the first phone to get Google’s new Gemini AI model!

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Pixel: Pretty cool though, right?

iPhone: Yeah. It’s TOO cool! Didn’t anybody tell you that after our fall launches we get to be like our buddies here and just chillll.

Pixel: Hahahahaha, I don’t know about all-

The video concludes with Google highlighting its continuous year-round feature launches, saying that it doesn’t limit launches to a specific yearly timeframe, unlike Apple.

Google Pixel 8 Pro runs on powerful AI model Gemini Nano

Google has unveiled Gemini, its most capable and flexible AI model. The on-device variant, Gemini Nano, is now featured on the Pixel 8 Pro.

With Gemini Nano, the Pixel 8 Pro can generate summaries in the Recorder app, providing condensed versions of recorded conversations, interviews, presentations, and more, even without a network connection. Additionally, Gemini Nano powers the Smart Reply in Gboard as a developer preview on the Pixel 8 Pro. The new AI model also powers videos and pictures, enhancing it’s quality.

Apple seems less inclined to use the term ‘AI’

While Meta, Microsoft, and Google swiftly embraced the trend by releasing generative AI products, Apple has remained notably absent.

Despite integrating intelligent features into its products for years, Apple has refrained from using the term “AI,” opting for “machine learning.” This is evident in features such as the Camera app’s Deep Fusion, the keyboard’s autocorrect, and the Journal app. Machine learning is also present in watchOS for sleep tracking.

However, rumours suggest Apple is developing its own ChatGPT-like experience.

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