OpenAI rolls out ‘greatly improved’ version of GPT-4 Turbo: All you need to know

OpenAI made GPT-4 Turbo with Vision available in the API as well as in ChatGPT, the company announced the update on social media platform X (formerly Twitter). OpenAI said that the model has been “greatly improved” without sharing details of the changes. The new version will have knowledge cutoff date till December 2023.

OpenAI logo is seen. The new version will have knowledge cutoff date till December 2023.(Reuters)

What changes in the model after the update?

The model will have data processing capabilities to analyse text in the JSON format. It will also be able to perform function calling which generates a JSON code snippet for developers which would help them in automating actions within their connected apps- sending mails, posting online or making any purchases.

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What other updates has OpenAI made recently?

In January this year, OpenAI released several updates to its AI models and pricing amid increasing competition. The pricing for GPT-3.5 Turbo was lowered with a performance boost given to GPT-4 Turbo after user complaints.

Wait for GPT-5 continues

The new upgrades as the industry awaits the release of GPT-5. Meanwhile, Anthropic’s Claude 3 Opus released in March has beaten GPT-4 on the leaderboard for closed-source models.

How X users reacted to OpenAI’s announcement?

Users on the social media platform expressed curiosity over the new features with Owen Campbell-Moore, a Product Manager with an AI firm saying that the model was a “mega improvement over previous ones, especially at math”. He said, “I’m hoping we can get evals out shortly to help quantify this. Until then – it’s a new model with various data and training improvements, resulting in better reasoning.”

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