Open mics, poster-making; students take up unique forms of resistance to protest against sexua-

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The English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU), Hyderabad, has been witnessing a series of protests for over the last two weeks, ever since a female student was sexually assaulted on campus by two unidentified men.

As a part of these ongoing protests, students are boycotting classes and organising sit-in protests. But what is unique is they are organising other events as well, all part of the ongoing resistance.

For example, on Friday, November 3, the students organised a symbolic open-mic night at the Old Sagar Square on campus at 9 pm, participating in poetry and music against the ‘everyday oppression’ on EFLU campus, the students announced through social media platforms. A poster for the event was posted by Instagram handle, 

Similarly, another such event was organised on Wednesday, November 2, from 6 pm onwards, at the New academic Block’s (NAB) ground floor at the EFLU campus where students engaged in poster making, music and talks, marking a ‘night of resistance’.

Today as well, the students of EFLU boycotted classes to show resistance against the safety concerns on the EFLU campus. Meanwhile, amid the continuing protests on campus, the university has filed 15 FIRs (First Investigation Report) against students in 17 days.

The protest began on October 20 in response to the physical and sexual assault of one of the students on campus.


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