“Once The Game Was Over…”: Gautam Gambhir On Naveen ul Haq, Virat Kohli IPL 2023 Spat

Gautam Gambhir is fiery character on the cricket field. Be it his gritty display for the Indian cricket team or his standing up for his players as mentors, Gautam Gambhir has never shied away from walking the aggressive path. Recently, Gautam Gambhir was in news for his on-field spat with his former Indian cricket teammate Sreesanth during a Legends League Cricket match. Before that, the one much-publicised on-field altercation involving Gautam Gambhir was with Virat Kohli.

In that incident, which happened after an IPL 2023 match between Lucknow Super Giants and Royal Challengers Bangalore, Gautam Gambhir could be seen talking quite aggressively to Virat Kohli. The latter, playing for RCB, earlier was involved in a spat with LSG’s Naveen Ul Haq.

“Naveen Ul Haq controversy, please tell me what happened?” Gautam Gambhir was asked on a podcast on ANI.

“As a mentor, no one can come and walk over my players. I have got a very different belief. Till the time the game was on, I had no right to interfere but once the game was over if someone still gets into a heated argument with my players, I have all the right to defend them,” Gautam Gambhir said.

Virat Kohli and Naveen Ul Had later came face to face on the cricket field during the Cricket World Cup 2023, where the duo made peace and hugged it out.

Gautam Gambhir’s fiery nature once again came to the fore on Wednesday during a Legends League match, a tournament for retired stars. He and Sreesanth were involved in a long stare-off during a match between India Capitals and Gujarat Giants. That was not all, as they duo could be seen talking quite animatedly on another occasion.

On Thursday LLC also issued a statement regarding the argument between the two players and said they will conduct an internal investigation on the violation of the code of conduct.

“The incident that has been the talk in the cricketing world violates the code of conduct and necessary action will be taken against all that have violated the very clear rules stated by the league’s Code of Conduct and Ethics Committee,” LLC said in an official statement.

“Legends League Cricket strives to uphold the spirit of cricket and sportsmanship and will conduct an internal investigation on the violation of the code of conduct. Any misconduct that has occurred both on and off the field including on social media platforms will be dealt with strictly. The code of conduct has clearly states that necessary action will be taken against players that bring disrepute to the league, the spirit of the game and the teams that they are representing. We make our stand very clear and continue to work towards sharing the game with millions of cricketing lovers across the nation and world,” Syed Kirmani, Head of Code of Conduct & Ethics Committee, Legends League Cricket said in an official statement.

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