NSDC International, Baton Transport, Anywhere Jobs provide skilled Indian drivers to Europe-

One of the skilled drivers | (Pic: NSDC)

In a groundbreaking partnership, NSDC International (NSDCI), Baton Transport, a European road transport company and Anywhere Jobs are spearheading efforts to tackle the acute shortage of skilled trailer drivers in Europe, by not only mobilising Indian trailer drivers, but also by empowering Indian women in the trucking industry.

Europe faces a substantial shortage of trailer drivers, with demand significantly outpacing the available workforce. Recent statistics reveal an alarming shortage of over 1,50,000 skilled drivers in the region, highlighting the critical need for innovative solutions. This week, Anywhere Jobs onboarded 30 highly qualified trailer drivers for Baton Transport through a comprehensive hiring drive in Delhi.

Baton Transport is joining forces with Anywhere Jobs to recruit Indian men and women drivers who will operate using the relay driving model in Europe. Currently, ten women drivers are already contributing to Baton Transport’s fleet, but the company has a determined goal of achieving a 50% representation of women drivers in its fleet. Baton Transport will partner with Anywhere Jobs to upskill Indian women taxi drivers, training them to take up trailer driving roles in Europe.

This collaborative initiative not only promises to empower Indian trailer drivers but also marks a significant stride towards advancing women’s roles and opportunities in the global trucking industry.


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