National Award-winning teachers unhappy as they receive no assistance from state-


The teachers and academicians from the state of Odisha have expressed their disappointment with the treatment meted out to them by the State government as per The New Indian Express. The teachers who have been honoured with the prestigious National Award by the Centre on Thursday, November 2 have alleged apathy on the part of the government in recognising their achievements and their contribution towards society and in promoting the quality of education in the state of Odisha.

What are they saying?
The National Awardee Teachers’ Forum, Odisha in its address to the media, alleged that the state government neither has any provision to incentivise such teachers nor they are bringing reforms or are actively taking measures to impart a much-needed change to the existing education system.

They also allege that the National Awardee teachers, both in-service and retired, from other states, have been appointed to various committees such as textbook, syllabus, examination and technical and the like, giving them a platform to actively contribute to educational development and planning, but they have been left bereft of such opportunities, as per sources.

The President of the forum, Harihar Sahu, told The New Indian Express that these roles amplify their influence and impact on the education system. States like Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Chhattisgarh and Mizoram have incentivised such teachers in the form of promotions, service extensions and additional increments to acknowledge their efforts and their remarkable contribution in the sphere of academia and education but the Odisha government has failed to extend any such benefit to the National Awardee teachers.

Another member Ishwar Chandra Nayak said already with less number of teachers who qualify to get the award each year owing to the stringent process of shortlisting, the government is still unable to take steps to honour their contribution and improve their existing status.

Assistance sought
The forum further demanded that special identification cards be issued with assured health insurance worth Rs 10 lakh, promotion, increment, and inclusion in state-level education committees among other measures to recognise them as being the cog in the wheel of the educational system.

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