Motivation for Masters’ abroad – hear it from the applicants!-

If you are planning to study in a foreign country, knowing the motivations of other applicants would be an illuminating experience. Here are a few such students, and their motivations:

“I’m planning to apply to some of the top B-Schools in the world, such as SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milano, Italy; IE Business School in Madrid and Esade Business School in Barcelona, Spain; HEC Paris in France, and New York University in the USA. I want to pursue either an MBA or a Creative Direction course, and doing it from any of these institutes would help me attain my goal of becoming a Brand Consultant.”


Pranjali Dave 

“I want to study in Japan, primarily to explore a new culture. When you study in the USA or the UK, the experience is not that different from what you find in India, except that it is more expensive. You will find people from your community and naturally gravitate towards them, which would not prompt you to explore the place’s culture. Having done my Bachelor’s in Filmmaking, I want to pursue an MBA, specialising in Film & Media. Pursuing Arts in Japan is so much cheaper than in Western universities, and the country also has niche courses that I am interested in, which are not present in other countries.”


Tina Medi


“Essentially, I want to learn Greek and Latin. That is the reason I want to study in Europe or the USA. However, because I have no undergraduate experience in either of these languages, I cannot apply for a classics programme. So, I am looking at philosophy programmes. Most programmes in the USA and UK require a prior knowledge of Greek and Latin, and programmes in Europe are not taught in English. As a result, my best bet would be an MPhil from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. My second programme of preference is an MFA in Creative Writing (Poetry) from George Mason University in Virginia, USA. It is a 3-year programme with pretty light coursework and is also decently funded. ” 



It’s always been my dream to study in the USA. Currently, the number of opportunities in my desired field of study, that is, Finance, is only increasing. The diverse and dynamic academic environment and the multicultural exposure would expose me to a wide range of perspectives and broaden my cultural horizons. Studying abroad provides an opportunity for personal growth and independence. Adapting to a new culture and managing daily life abroad would give me essential life skills and make me more adaptable. Moreover, the cutting-edge research, faculty expertise and professional networks will make me excel in my field. Pursuing my master’s abroad is a transformative journey that promises academic excellence, personal development, and a global perspective, all of which are essential for my future endeavours.

Dev Gupta 


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