Man Records Video Of His ”Surreal” Jump Into Nuclear Cooling Tower, Internet Stunned

Internet users were both shocked and fascinated to watch the video

People looking for adventure can do anything for that adrenaline rush. While some experiment with their comfort level, pushing those boundaries, others flirt with danger and test their bodies to the extreme. In one such video, an extreme sports enthusiast was seen jumping into a nuclear cooling tower, leaving internet users shocked. 

”Jumping into a nuclear cooling tower,” the video was simply captioned. The video opens to show the man identified as Gio Masters, standing on the ledge of the giant tower. He then jumps inside it and opens his parachute seconds before hitting the ground.

Watch the video here:

In another video, his jump is captured from different angles. ”All the shots of the nuclear plant jump. Such a surreal experience,” he wrote.

Watch it here:

Internet users were both shocked and fascinated to watch the video and had several questions. Some were thrilled to see the daredevil experiment, while others questioned the need for such bizarre stunts. 

One user wrote, ”WAIT. How does he get out? Where does he land? Is that nuclear sludge? I have so many questions. So badass tho.” Another said, ”sound of the parachute opening is insane haha.” A third commented, ”This entire video is just a work of art.”

A fourth wrote, ”The wildest man of our generation.” Yet another said, ”Lol. You are such a daredevil. I got anxious looking at this.”

The Instagram page of Gio Masters, who is a 21-year-old athlete, is filled with similar gravity-defying flips and heart-pumping jump videos. He has over 310K followers on the platform and 629K subscribers on YouTube. 

Notably, a nuclear cooling tower is a large structure that cools water and releases heat into the atmosphere. Cooling towers are an essential part of power plants and can be up to 200 meters tall. A cooling tower’s iconic shape is known as a hyperboloid, referring to its inward curve.

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