LSG Coach Jonty Rhodes Involved In Ugly Social Media Battle With Fan

Former South Africa cricketer, Jonty Rhodes, who is helping the Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 found himself embroiled in a controversy on social media over his interaction with a fan of the franchise. The social media interaction took an ugly turn when fan accused the South Africa great of calling him ‘jobless’. Seeing the controversy spiralling, Jonty had to take to social media to issue a clarification and even apologise to the fan if his comments ended up hurting him.
It all started when the fan posted on X (formerly Twitter): “Day 10 of Tweeting until LSG Replies”. Though the post has now been deleted, Jonty Rhodes wasn’t happy seeing such desperation from the fan.

“Brother, get a life. Many thanks for the support, we appreciate it. But wow, come on….” Rhodes responded.

The fan then replied saying, “He could have just replied normally, I tweeted as a fan and I didn’t abuse or spread hatred anywhere, If I can’t tweet for my fav team to reply me, and the team’s coach feels cheering for them is being jobless then I lost all the respect for him. Won’t cheer for LSG anymore!!”

The retired South African cricketer was in no mood to let the social media chatter escalate and gave a sharp reply to the fan asking where did he call him jobless.

“Please tell me where I said you are jobless? Don’t tag me in your countdown, if you don’t want an honest response. I have spent time with acid attack survivors at Sheroes Hangout, here in Lucknow. These incredible young women have to wait between 5-7yrs before the perpetrators of these terrible atrocities even get to court to face justice. These ladies, I have lots of time for, as they ask for nothing, other than for us to see them as people, who can still contribute to society. They are on day 1500, and still counting, so think about their countdown, before making an issue about yours. However, I am sorry if I offended you.”

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