Live Updates Sidharth Malhotra, Gaurav Kapoor At NDTV’s Mega Yuva Conclave

Union Minister Anurag Thakur said India’s youth stand for “positive energy, inspiration, passion, motivation”. The minister was speaking at Newsbust India’s – Youth For Change mega conclave today that India’s brings together the biggest youth disruptors from politics, cinema, music and comedy. The minister for Youth Affairs is the chief guest at the event.

The event will feature performances by Bollywood actor Sidharth Malhotra, singer Jasleen Royal and comedian Gaurav Kapoor as well as panel discussions with social media influencers Divija Bhasin and Dr Cuterus among many others.

Here are the LIVE updates on Newsbust India’s Yuva Conclave:

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Newsbust India Yuva Conclave: Anurag Thakur’s Advice For First Time Voters

“The fear that they may be misled is correct. But today’s yuva is very aware and know what their rights are. They know who is working for the country. I am concerned with the yuva that they must get their voter cards and go and vote despite how hot it may be. Don’t lose this opportunity,” he said.

Newsbust India Yuva Conclave: “India Is A Bright Spot”: Anurag Thakur On Economy
“Earlier we used to hear about dipping economy. Today India is bright spot,” he said.

Newsbust India Yuva Conclave: “Can’t Ask These Questions In Pak”: Anurag Thakur On Unemployement Report

“The questions show you can ask anything to the minister on National TV. You may not be able to do in Pak or Saudi Arabia. We still have a slavery mentality because we always depended on foreign ratings. We need to come out of it and trust organisations in our country,” he said.

Newsbust India Yuva Conclave: “Vote For The Country”: Anurag Thakur’s Advice To First-Time Voters

“Cast your first vote for the country and pledge to make India developed. People’s contribution can turn into people’s movement. Jis aur jawaani chalti, us aur zamana chalta hai,” he said.

Newsbust India Yuva Conclave: Anurag Thakur On PM Modi’s Commitment To Women Empowerment

“PM Modi also spoke to Sandeshkhali victims. Be it sportswomen or those who fight against rapists, PM keeps encouraging them. We as a party have kept 25% reservation for women, 50% in panchayat raj institutions,” he said.

Newsbust India Yuva Conclave: “Rahul Gandhi Against Shakti, PM In Favour Of Nari Shakti”: Anurag Thakur

“Rahul Gandhi says will fight against Shakti. On the other side is PM, whose policies are in favour of Nari Shakti. Our president struggled her way from being a councillor to the post of president. He gave 4 crore pakka houses, 13 crore tap water, 12 toilets, 60 crore people given Ayushmaan cards, 34 crore mudra yojna loans. Today, India’s women are at the front. India has 12.5% of the total women pilots across the world,” he said.

Newsbust India Yuva Conclave: “Money, Energy Can Be Saved”: Anurag Thakur On One Nation, One Election

“Before 1962, we used to have simultaneous elections. So much of money and energy are spent on one elections. If some state polls are preponed or postponed, 10-15 elections can be held together. So security and other election expenditure can be saved. If we start saving this time, India won’t have to wait for 2047, but will achieve its Viksit Bharat dreams much before,” he said.

Newsbust India Yuva Conclave: Anurag Thakur On The Future Of Social Media, Artificial Intelligence

“With AI, IOT, Machine Learning, the future will hold a lot of challenges but also opportunities in technology. The content created on Instagram/YouTube helps to reach millions outside the country.” he said.

Newsbust India Yuva Conclave: “PM Modi Makes My Job Easier”: Anurag Thakur On PM’s Social Media Followers

“The content created by creators helps government like ours to reach out to masses in nook and corner. PM Modi has millions of followers. He makes my job easier.” he said.

Newsbust India Yuva Conclave: Anurag Thakur On Opposition’s Allegations Of Misusing Probe Agencies

“Couldn’t Congress file Income Tax return? Should we keep Congress above the law? or make a separate law for Congress?  Delhi minister (Sisodia?) is in jail for 1.5 years, still Kejriwal calls him honest. If anyone does corruption, will face probe. If BJP leader, anyone related to BJP, elected or otherwise, will be probed if they are found involved in corruption?” he said.

Newsbust India Yuva Conclave: “Stay Away From Him”: Anurag Thakur On Why Young Voters Should Not Vote For AAP

“The person (Kejriwal) is misleading the country. Stay away from him. He had vouched he won’t come in politics, but he did. The one who said will fight against corruption, now he is seen involved in corruption. Now, Kattar Beiman Arvind Kejriwal is in jail,” he said.

Newsbust India Yuva: “India Would Have Made Google Maps”: Anurag Thakur On Harnessing Youth’s Power

“A start-up ecosystem is being made in smaller cities. If the country’s yuva was not stopped for years, some yuva would have made a bigger company like Google Maps. A successful Chandrayaan mission also reflects India’s progress,” he said.

Newsbust India Yuva: Some People Have Habit Of Lying, Anurag Thakur Slams Opposition

“Some people have a habit of lying, but this isn’t true.  6 crore 40 lakh new registrations EPFO accounts. There are 29 crore e-shram cards. There was 93% informal sector here, it is now turning organised. We have given out 34 crore mudra loans without any collateral. If you look at data, in 2013, during Congress reign, inflation rate was 13%. Today it is less than 5%. The average in the last 10 years will be around 5.5%. Despite Covid, Modi government kept inflation under control,” Anurag Thakur on why Opposition targets Centre over jobs for youth.

In Pics: Union Minister Anurag Thakur At Newsbust India’s Mega Youth Conclave
“Yuva Means Positive Energy, Passion And Commitment”: Anurag Thakur At Newsbust India Yuva
“Yuva means positive energy, an inspiration, passion, motivation, innovation, empowerment, development, commitment, growth. The youth in our country are so committed that in 10 years the country has become the third biggest startup (hub),” Anurag Thakur on Newsbust India Yuva Conclave.

Newsbust India Yuva Conclave: Anurag Thakur On PM Modi’s Commitment To His Work
“If you have a boss who hasn’t taken a single holiday in 23 years, even when his mother passed away, that is the type of commitment the PM has,” Anurag Thakur on Newsbust India Yuva.

“My Boss. PM Modi, Is The Best”: Anurag Thakur At Newsbust India Yuva Conclave

“My boss, PM Modi, is the best. He is the strictest at work, but kindest for the citizens of India.”

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