Lectures on Competition Law held at CUTN in collaboration with Competition Commission-

The Department of Law at the Central University of Tamil Nadu (CTUN), in collaboration with the Competition Commission of India, hosted a Lecture Series programme focused on the critical aspects of Competition Law. The event featured a special lecture by V Sriraj, Joint Director (Law) and in-charge, Regional Office (South), Competition Commission of India.

Sriraj delivered two insightful lectures on Conduct Enforcement: Abuse of Dominance and Anti-Competitive Agreement and Combination.

Prof M Krishnan, Vice-Chancellor, during his presidential address, emphasised the importance of disseminating legal knowledge to the general public, advocating for public lectures that unravel the nuances of law. He highlighted the indispensable role of competition law in regulating and fostering healthy competition among business entities, safeguarding the interests of the public and society against monopolistic practices.

The keynote address by V Sriraj featured an interactive session, where he highlighted the significance of striking a balance between governance and regulation for the economic growth of the nation. He emphasised the need to grant freedom to business owners, ensuring benefits for consumers, while simultaneously conducting rigorous checks to prevent malpractices.

During the discourse, V Sriraj expounded on the pivotal role played by regulators in maintaining market governance. He shed light on the regulatory oversight in key sectors such as anti-competition agreements, abuse of dominance, and large mergers, emphasising the crucial role of regulatory bodies like the Competition Commission of India (CCI) in ensuring fair play and safeguarding the interests of consumers.

The special lecture was organised by Dr Sangeetha Sriraam, Assistant Professor, Department of Law. Prof R Thirumurugan, Registrar, Dr Velmurugan, Dean School of Legal Studies, and faculty from the Department of Law Dr Balashanmugham, Dr Bhagyalakshmi were present during the lecture.

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