Last-minute tips to find accommodation-

While it should be a last resort and ideally should not happen, if you cannot secure housing while you are pursuing your education abroad, it’s advisable to reconsider your plans. In the worst-case scenario, Spandita Roy, a research scholar at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, says, “While staying in a hostel temporarily is an option, it’s far from ideal.”

On the other hand, University Living, an online platform dedicated to helping students find accommodations abroad, promises a robust alumni ecosystem and community to help students connect.

“Our platform is designed to minimise housing crises, offering alternative options even at the last minute,” they say.

UniAcco, another platform which also offers similar services, on the other hand, suggests the following steps if students cannot immediately find suitable housing options:

In the event that students cannot immediately find suitable housing options, they can take the following steps:

– Contact UniAcco Team
Reach out to the UniAcco team for personalised assistance and expert guidance.

РExplore Alternative Options 
Consider alternative housing choices such as homestays or short-term rentals, including options like hotels or Airbnb, to address your immediate requirements. These alternatives can serve as suitable interim solutions until a permanent accommodation is secured.

– Expand the Search Radius
Broaden your search to include nearby areas or cities to uncover additional accommodation possibilities.

– Wait for Availability
Keep an eye on our platform as more options may become available in the near future, offering a wider selection to choose from.

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