Ladakh University, Auroville Film Institute to jointly offer PG Diploma programme on Space Documenta-

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The University of Ladakh has collaborated with the Auroville Film Institute collaboration to pilot a one-year-long postgraduate diploma programme titled Open Space Documentary Arts Programme starting March 2024.

It is for the first time in India, a dynamically designed integrative, interactive and application-oriented filmmaking diploma is piloted, in a ‘multi-site, trans-regional-cultural-disciplinary’ modality-incorporating experiential learning modules in Auroville-Pondicherry and Ladakh, said an official press release.

“The one-year Open Space Documentary Arts Program is a unique opportunity to embrace innovative approaches to film and media studies. Mobility, flexibility and trans-cultural-disciplinarity is the key to this programme, shifting the focus from exams-centric to experiential journey centric discourse. This programme not only meets the changing needs of the hour but also contributes to the enrichment of our society. With this goal in mind, we are excited to announce this unique program in collaboration with the Auroville Film Institute” shared Prof SK Mehta, Vice-Chancellor, University of Ladakh.


About the programme

The programme will progressively unfold through five modules over a year.

The first module in Auroville will begin with a basic orientation of cinematic arts with a special focus on documentary art practice while the second module in Ladakh will be mainly immersing in the landscape and experimenting with narrative tools and techniques of cinematic articulation; learning how to translate real sites to cinematic spaces. 

The third module back in Auroville will be editing intensively including in-depth analysis of filmed realities: connecting, contextualising and comprehending the fragments vis-a-vis possibilities of the whole. The fourth module is for diploma project productions and the fifth module is dedicated to exhibitions and public screenings, added the release.

A detailed overview of the programme is available on the institute’s official website.


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